I have Fallen so Deeply for You! Gloria & Princewill’s Fairytale Wedding


No doubt, #thePGWedding came with all the beauty and sauce you will love to see.

After meeting on a flight and introducing himself for the first time in the presence of her mom,  Gloria and Princewill are married and we are sure you want to see how the day went. Each moment of their wedding ceremony was so sweet and will have you double tapping to like in a moment.  Right after they were joined in church, the couple went on to give us such a fun wedding reception and right after that it was a total turn up after the after-party.

Now, just as special as the white wedding was their traditional wedding. It really did spotlight the traditions and culture of the Igbos. From the introduction of families to the wine carrying, every part was beautifully done and also reflected the joy the union brought to the families.


See some of their beautiful photos below:




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