I Fell In Love With The Most Amazing Woman But Age Is Still A Factor?


Dear Jzhane,

Dan and I were friends from secondary school. I got admission to Unilag but he went abroad to study in Sweden. We never stayed in touch though. I later traveled to the UK for masters and came back three years later. I also have been dating but no body really caught my fancy. As I rounded up last year,my mom reminded me that being 32 and single is not going to make her happy.

I made up my mind to find someone to settle down with,maybe this year or next year. I attended a friend’s wedding in October and met Suzanne. Suzanne is hot …I fell for her immediately but I kept my cool. I think we both hit it off very well at the same time. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch for almost a month,chatting and stuff.


I asked her out and she said yes. First date was mind blowing. When I asked her for a second date,she then threw the bomb. She said,I should know first of all that she is 43 years old. I swear,Suz looks like 29 years old. I could not imagine how she looked so young.

The second bomb shell was,she has a son who is in Sweden. I was shocked but that did not stop me from still falling for her. I asked her what happened. She said she had her baby when she was very young, in her teens. She was forced to marry her baby daddy who was much older. The marriage lasted 10 years but she left because she did not have other child 10 years after.

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Right now,she said she is focused on herself as she tried a few relationships but none turned into marriage. Long story short,Suz is the hottest 43 year old I have ever seen. And being with her has totally changed my life. It did not take long to fall in love with her. Eventually,she told me about her son.

She showed me his picture and behold,I was starring at a photo of Dan,my friend from secondary school. I could not believe my eyes. I told her Dan was my friend. I thought that was going to be a problem but Dan was cool. Suz already told him about me. Strange how one finds love in the most unlikely places.

I felt it was time to tell my family I was seeing someone and I told my mom first,being the one who is on my neck to get married. I thought she would be happy for me and she was until I told her Suz is older than me and has a son. My mom refused totally and asked my father to disallow it.

Even though my parents are educated,I was surprised as to why they would be so opposed to the idea of me being with an older woman. My mom is scared that Suz is not just too old but might not be able to have a child for me. Suz was married for almost 10 years and did not have a child. Secondly,menopause is clocking,what are her chances of having a baby?

I see my mom’s concern but I swear,no other woman has ever made me happy the way Suz has. We love each other so much. But I am confused. I would not mind marrying her but that would be against my parents wish and maybe we will never have a child…..I am not sure I want that…I want a child of my own someday.

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Please advice me. What should I do,I really really love Suz.


From H.O




Picture Credit:MadameNoire

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  1. Hello H.O,

    43 is not old …as log as she looks and feels young at heart…her family obviously likes you right?

    At 32,you should be man enough to take certain decisions likes who you should marry. Your mom means well but its your life not hers.

    My advice,if this bothers you so much…you and Suz should go for medical tests…to test if there is a potential health risk (genotype,blood group and fertility issues) if you both get married…the results should help both of you decide what is best for both of you.

    Secondly,if you can come to terms that you may or may not have children the normal way,I see no reason why you cannot get married to Suz….these days,there are options to having a child apart from the normal way.

    I think you will be fine…cheers!


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