I Do Not Want To Break Her Heart But I Am Not Ready- Pt 2


Note: This story contains graphic pictures

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Remember the story of a young man that we brought you a few weeks ago? He is a member of our whatsapp group. If you missed the story,click here. This young man has written again to give an update on his relationship with his girlfriend of seven years. Please read and leave your comments in the comments sections below.



Good evening my lively families.
How was your day. Am Phil (not real name) by name. I need your suggestion here again.
If you guys can remember last month I posted a topic saying i want to call off my 7years relationship with my fiancee and I really appreciate everyone that advice me on the issue. thanks.
So what now happened is that my girlfriend was in my house few days ago when her dad call her, talk to her in an aggressive way that she’s not serious about settling down. That all her younger ones have settle down with their kids that what is she still waiting for, and so on.
This lady is going to 29 years now. so he finally ask her to come and see him because they are not in the same place and my girl said she will tell her dad that I  am not serious. That my ringtone is no money.
To be candid guys, my plan was to do the right thing in April this year but I had a fatal accident that almost took my life. All the money have been saving for the engagement was spent on the incident, for treatment and drugs and I was admitted at home more than 3months and this lady stood beside me throughout this hard times.
See pictures from my accident:
My dad is late and my mother is aged. Am left all alone with this two people( aged mum and my girl). though I have resumed back to work but work is not flowing like before. Am just a hustler (bricklayer).
The pressure from this lady families is getting too much. Even this lady is threatening me badly to impregnate her because their is two young girls in my place to got pregnant and about to deliver in her presence their.
But no money to do the necessary things for now, that is why am thinking of let her go by telling her if she see any guy that he’s financially okay and also ready to settle down, that she should marry him.
In fact I feel like I should just disappear far away right now. Am just confused guys. Come to my aid o.
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  1. Hello Sir,

    My question is:Is she working? Can you both pull resources and have a small wedding with only your parents in attendance?

    You can be married with 10k… That’s the cost of processing marriage certificate from the court I guess

    Do a court marriage… That should reassure her. You do not need to spend any more than the cost of teh marriage certificate.

    But don’t start making babies immediately. Babies cost money to raise. Give yourselves like two years before babies

    It’s not that hard…she has been with you for seven years…you need to do the right thing bro

    Except you do not love her anymore…

    Remember,he who finds a wife….finds a good thing…your marriage can open doors of opportunities for you.

    And two is definitely better than one..

    Pray about this..may God guide you brother.

  2. Am angry! You should be happy that despite you not having money she is still with you. I don’t get it! Is it that you don’t like her, and you’re just using no money to cover up?
    Seven years she has been with you. Oga, it’s not mandatory to wear suit and wedding gown. Go to court, after then, go to your pastor to pray for you both. Who knows afte marrying her, money comes. Obvious she loves you, and wouldn’t be nice telling her to go look for someone else because you don’t have. And who told you she didn’t know all along that you don’t have money for good seven years. Even a child can’t believe that lie. You own her better not that. Love cast away fear. Trust not your understanding. You need to pray for you not her. This your no get money, no get money tire person. God bless!

  3. Be a man. Go and see her parents. Let them know that you want to marry her, but you are gathering the money you need to marry her. If possible, let them give you an estimate of how much it will cost for you to marry her, then you work towards getting the money. That is if you truly want to marry her. Cause you may not want to marry her, and may be using your not having money as an excuse.
    On the other side, have you sought the face of God about marrying her. Have you prayed about the marriage to know if it is the will of God that both of you should get married. If you have not, then it is better you take time to pray about it and seek God’s face first. If you are convinced that it is the will of God for both of you to get married, then ask God to provide the money you need and I believe He will provide it.
    I wish you good luck.


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