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I Do Not Want To Break Her Heart But I Am Not Financially Ready

Good morning Lively Stones,

I  need your advice on my relationship. I have been dating a girl for seven years now and we both love each other to the extent that some of our families has know each other but the problem there is that I am not financially okay and I don’t want this girl to suffer because I want her to be happy and you know money is the source of happiness.

Age is not on this girl side anymore. She is almost 31 years soon. I am planning to end the relationship by telling this girl that if she see any guy that is ready to settle down and financially okay that she should marry him. I don’t want to waste her time any longer because she’s the first born of her parents , and all her younger ones are married with kids.

I am 34 years old and I can marry at anytime things better but I don’t know how this girl and some of our families will feel.

Please I need your advice my people. should I tell her how I feel or should continue with her till things will be okay. I am just a hustler and I love this girl so much with all my heart.

Worried Guy,


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  1. Hello W.G,

    You are a good man but I think you need to talk to your girl before taking any decision.

    You cannot be thinking of breaking up with her just like that after SEVEN whole years.

    If the problem is finances,discuss with her and come up with a plan

    If you both work hard,I see no reason why you should not be ready to settle down in the next one or two years.

    You do not have to wait for the perfect conditions to get married. Both of you working and pulling resources can pull this off.

    Except you have not revealed the real reason you want to break up…I would say,both of you can solve this easily.

    God bless

  2. Imagine your blood sister dating a man for seven years and the man suddenly said am no longer interested, how will you feel. If you will feel happy, then go ahead but if you won’t then you have to do the needful. And always remember, whatever you plant, you shall surely reap. Goodluck!

  3. My dear.. I want to b frank with u.. There r two things involved here.. One is that why didn’t u come up with this idea. May b in ur third or fourth year of relationship…why now when she has hope on u.. That is a very great disappoint to her life. U have left…a very big hole to tell her that..but as the say it’s better later than never.. Secondly.. I feel u have someone else u r seeing ..becos 7 whole years is way to long to make ur intentions known to her.. Anyway.. Better u tell she can plan herself..all d best


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