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I Can’t Wait To Tell The World About Our Story – Morayo Afolabi Brown

TV show host, Morayo Brown has taken to social media to celebrate her husband as they mark their wedding anniversary.

Morayo Brown who anchors Your View on TVC stated that the story of her marriage is unique and that she can’t wait to tell it to the world.

She wrote: “Happy Wedding anniversary to my Brown. May God continue to bless our union and give us grace to celebrate many more happy years together. Amen. Our story is true, unique and real. Looking forward to when we can share our story to the world. God bless you more each day”.

This comes weeks after Morayo Brown called on people to start sharing the hard and real stories.

Her words came at a time when many are known for sharing pictures and videos on social media that make their life appear glamorous to others.

According to Morayo Brown, what is actually needed now are real models whom people can refer to in times of challenges.

The TV host wrote:

“We need people to document their history. We need real stories of heartbreaks, triumph, perseverance and hard choices. I saw a picture of a woman, who against all odds is standing firm today with her complete and truly happy family. The Lord has blessed her. I was totally inspired because I know her story. We need real role models. Many people have no examples to reference in times of trouble. Let’s share the hard stories and stop the “gloss-ing” over the real story. My thoughts this morning….”

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