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I am in love with a womanizer…can a baby change his mind?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five years on and off.  Our relationship is not the typical type. We met in a club,flirted and slept with each other after. Brian and I have been in a tumultuous relationship ever since. Brian has never been one to be monogamous. He has been with several ladies at different times in our relationship. Many a times,we have broken off because I couldn’t handle his randiness. But for some odd reason,we would always make up and I am crazy in love with this man.

There were times where I made up my mind to leave him,I would block his line,refuse to see him for months. Brian is such a handsome man. Maybe that is my weakness and undoing. He is also an amazing lover. He calls me his wife. He said he may be cheating with other ladies but only one woman has his heart and that is me. I do believe  that because anytime I meet him with another girl,he sends them away.

I have fought and chased several girls away,threatening fire and brimstone if they didn’t leave my boyfriend. But trust girls,they know I cannot lay claim to Brian as we are not married.

On the subject of marriage,Brian keeps telling me that I should be patient that he is thinking about it but he is just not ready yet.

Recently,I have been thinking of getting pregnant,perhaps to ensure that Brian and me are tied together forever. He may not marry me but I want him to love me forever. Apart from being a womanizer,Brian is an amazing guy. Now,in truth,what man isnt a womanizer. Even the so called holy holy men,they all do it secretly. So Brian being honest with me is something I think I can live with. Also,people change,with age and a perhaps a baby,things might be different.

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I love Brian so much,no other man makes me feel the way he does. Can a baby save us?

Your candid advice is needed. If you decide to share this story on your blog,please I would like for people not to attack me but advice me based on my questions. I already know my situation is not what normal people would appreciate but the heart loves who it loves,and I love the man I am with…



From Samantha,



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  1. Unh samathan men are sometime despirate oh. aside is a womanizer and the fact that he tells you what he does, doesn’t mean he will not hurt you o. Eh abi what is in the other girls that you his girl friend did not have? or may be you likes it when he’s cheating… cause you have said that even though he does, he tell you and not like some men that does secretly and don’t tell their woman; note all men are not the same, there are better ones out their. Let me tell you, any one who does does rubbish don’t last they either have one problem or the other. unh or what is the assurance that oneday he would’nt come and tell you that he mistakely pregnated one girl out there and she insist to give birth of the baby. And now what happen? their you have a RIVAL. My own advice pls come out of that relationship unnh. For a better, handsome, cuite and loving one will come for you. who always want you and no other girls.

  2. Pls don’t try getting pregnant for him ooo… From what you said about him… He is afraid of commitment and staying with someone like that is like wasting your time… I really think you should let go, it’s painful but you just have to do it…

  3. Lady-Samantha. first you need to know, agree and understand the fact that you are not in love but in obsession and lust also you are not in a healthy relationship crowned with a misfocused priority, no certain destination and to top it all up courtesy of your wrong mindset, mentality and the wrong man in the picture and just so you know a baby or millions of babies for your “handsome” mr Brian won’t ever make him be with you forever or stop him from chasing other ladies around in “koro-koro” eyes, have this infront of your mind “where destination is unknown speed is irrelevant”. secondly asking for folks to advice you on this but not criticising you or scolding you is an inevitable and an impossible imagination…its like looking for smoke without fire. Also please don’t assert what you don’t know about generalizing all men as “cheaters” it’s wrong and unfonded, lacking a colossal merit. Apart from your unhealthy escapades with Brian in the introductory stages of two’s acquintancy process, it depicts the type person you are which attracts the type of people that will come in-to your life for different reasons which your own personage will offer. Except you are comfortable with your life right now (which you don’t deem it crippled) you can settle for Mr, handsome Brian who so-far is only into you for your body (you didn’t mention any positive thing he added to you after sex) you can settle with him not bothering the whole world about it or you could change your mindset, character, mentality, values and principles to be a better person meeting better people. To answer you question of the baby-hold, is like saying you should go and rob a bank because you love money..That answers it all.


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