I Am In Love With A Church Girl & She Has Given Me An Ultimatum


Hello Jzhane,

Hide my details. I am in love. I can say for the first time in my entire adult life,I am in love. I am in love with a church girl….I did not plan to be here o..I am in deep soup…this girl got me like under a spell.

So,she was preaching on the street where I was waiting to pick up a girl whom I was going to have a good time with…..she was with some of her church people. She smiled brightly and said,hey,Jesus loves you and so do I …please come to Jesus.


I told her,I wanted to show her I loved her too and asked for her phone number. I thought she would decline. She did not. She gave me her number and invited me to her church. Of course,I had no intention of going to church but with her number,I got in touch with her. She would laugh so sweetly and chat with me but told me I needed to give my life to Jesus.

A a challenge,I came to her church…anything to get under her pants….I wanted to conquer this churchy girl..but that is how I got conquered. I did not hear anything that was said in church that day,all I was focused on was this girl. After church,she came to greet me and told me to wait with the other new comers. Someone prayed for all the new comers that day and that was when I started noticing God changing me.

That was ten months ago. I somehow started going to church and being a good guy. I became friends with this girl. She completely changed my life. I don’t drink or smoke or womanize anymore. I fell in love with this church girl. I told her I was in love with her last December. She laughed and told me she liked me but she was afraid. Afraid of my past and if I was just coming to church to deceive her.

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I told her initially,I came to church for her but now,I was in love with her for real. She agreed to date me and said no s*x before marriage and no lies. She and I have had some great conversations and I find myself being able to tell her about my past and she does not judge me. I love her a lot. But she then asked me a question which threw me off balance: she asked how many ladies have I slept with?

Initially I told her I was a womanizer…I thought that was ok but she wants details…I told her I can’t remember. She said she cannot be with me if I cannot be honest. Just like that,she broke up with me less than two weeks of dating. I have been begging her but she insists on me being 100% truthful on how many ladies I have slept with..the truth is..I may not remember the number but it is a crazy large one…somewhere around 30-35…

Do I just lie and tell her like 5 or 7…I do not want to loose her again…she is a pure soul. She wants us to get married within a year of dating so that we don’t sin (s*x)…I am game with that…but now she is not talking to me until I tell the truth about the question she asked me..

Please what do I do?




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  1. Hello Anonymous,

    I truly hope you are now a child of God and not just going to church to get the girl.

    If I were the girl,I would wait two or three more years to make sure you are genuine before saying yes to you

    Now,back to the question you asked: I think you should tell her the truth which is as you have stated: that you may have slept with between 30-35 girls but you are not sure..

    What she does with your honesty will seal your fate…if she wants honesty…give her honesty..do not mind the consequences…that is the only way to truly prove that you are now truly a born again child of God.

    I wish you all the best.


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