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I Almost Lost My Manhood But I Ended Up Becoming An Addict

Dear Jzhane,

Please hide my ID. I am a married man with a beautiful wife. We have been married for over six years now. We have 2 children. I love my wife and I try my best to be a great husband. We are believers too. All was well in our marriage until two years ago.

Two years ago,I had a bad case of typhoid fever. It was so severe that I was hospitalized for almost two weeks. In fact, most people thought I was down with something else. Well,thankfully,after like a month,I began to recover to my normal self.

However,I found out a few weeks later that I could not get an erection. I was a bit alarmed. I went back to the hospital. Tests were run and I was told there was no explanation to my lack of erection. I was told it was maybe psychological.

My wife and I tried to work on it by trying alot of erotic exercises but I would not get up. I was now very alarmed. I met a specialist after like 3 months of no erection. I was so scared but after his tests,he requested for the drugs I took during my typhoid bout. I showed him the list and he said that I could be reacting to one of the prescriptions.

He gave me some drugs which I use for a while but I was still not getting any better. Nine months after,we were still on this matter. By this time,frustration had set in. I was frustrated I could not enjoy sx with my husband and my wife was frustrated with not being able to enjoy sx.

All the doctors could do was tell me it was psychological or effect of drugs from the typhoid fever. I was miserable. I even watched porn,still I was un-aroused. After a year of trying the modern medicine way,I began to seek traditional ways. That is how I was introduced to drinking alcohol. Before now,I was never a drinker. But I was introduced to taking some traditional medicine which must be taken with alcohol.

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Miraculously,I regained my erection.Anytime I took the local prescription,I recovered myself and I was able to perform again. That is over one year now. But the problem now is that,I have become heavily dependent on this drug and alcohol. It is so potent that I become very erect instantly and I sort of like the feeling and as such,I have become dependent on this solution.

If tried to stop using it ,I would go limp again. That is the fear of every man:loosing their manhood. But the bad side effect of this is that I have become heavily addicted. I get drunk most times and I feel like I am loosing control over my life. My wife too is becoming alarmed. We stopped using this solution but I could only hold out for two weeks.

I went back to using again. My wife is upset and refused to have s*x with me. I was so hard on,I had to pick up someone to get release. Now,since my wife is refusing me,I sneak out to meet other women. I need help but I know the only way to get help is by stopping this drug with its alcohol. But I would be very ashamed and useless for the rest of my life if I am unable to use my manhood.

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Please advice me.  I just want to be happy….all I do is get high now and have s*x….I want suggestions on how to control this cos I cannot do without this solution…..I hide my addictions quite well..only me and my wife knows….but its beginning to show and my wife is bothered what people will say and how its affecting our marriage and all ….what do I do?

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Thank you for finding the courage to sending us your email. The fact that you recognize that you need help is the first step to getting free.

    This addiction is like most addictions. They start because you needed solution to a problem…but you get hooked and cannot stop taking the drugs. This herbal solution,are you sure it is not mixed with hard drugs like cocaine or marijuana?…you need to find out what the actual mixture of this solution is.

    Secondly,you need to see a professional therapist immediately. One who specializes with drug and alcohol addicts. If you are serious,you can beat might be very difficult initially but you can beat this.

    Eventually,you should be able to get to a place where you can take the drug under control if that is the thing that has helped your erectile dysfunction.

    Discontinue use of the solution. Yes…stop it and go see a therapist and discipline your self to get treatment.

    This might mean no s*x for a while but if you are resilient,you will beat this addiction and get back to having a normal s*x life in the near future.

    I wish you all the best.

  2. Dear Brother, I know it feels bad going through such trauma. There is nothing that doesn’t have a solution. You have to renew your mind first of all. You have got to believe that this issue is not forever ,it came to pass.
    Secondly, since the Doctor observed that it could be as side effect of the antibiotics you took for the sickness, what you need now is to detoxify your system. You need to go through a process of detoxification, removing all the toxin that may have deposited by the drugs. There is a supplement I use for detoxification. Neo life BETAGUARD and FIBERTAB, these are natural supplements. You take them at night with lots of water. This you will for like 3 months. Then try to take much of home made water melon juice. Tiger nut,Dates,coconut juice. You can add NEOLIFE MASCULINE HERBAL.and Chelated Zinc. Above all, your mind set matters a lot. I wish you all the best.


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