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Husband Is Frustrating Me To Leave The Marriage:Please Advise!

Good Evening,

Have been wanting to talk to u about my marriage. Have actually find a solution through the living stone platforms on whatsapp.But will still like you to advice me more.

My husband is someone that normally hides how he feels but frustrating, he is the type that cheat and drink which have actually complain a lot about it.

Whenever I argue with him and if I ask him if he love me, he will tell me he do love me , yet he still chat with ladies and ask them out but still denies it to me which he doesn’t know I knew his password, but I don’t react with it to him so he hasn’t found out.

He wanted to buy a property which his dad and his brother knew about but he didn’t tell me but I knew and didn’t say anything but just of recent he just told me.Now he keeps things from me in which we don’t do from the start.

I am starting to feel betrayed and lost. He doesn’t last on bed but still cheat. I felt he is lying and can’t trust him again never. He almost frustrated me to leave home this evening.

We have been married for 5 years with children.

From Anonymous LS Whatsapp member


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  1. Hi,

    I need you to first calm down and breathe. I know you feel frustrated but I am kind convinced that this is just a phase in your marriage.

    Every marriage has its own unique challenges. As long as the love is still there,then the marriage is worth fighting for.

    Your husband tells you constantly that he loves you….I think he does…he is just being foolish in his ways.

    I will need you to ignore his foolish ways. Your marriage is still young….he may grow out of this and be a better man.

    For your peace of mind…stop checking his phones or chats with other ladies….focus on you and your children’s’ well being.

    Pray for him. Call his name in your prayers. God will arrest him. Be his peace….give him some time as you trust God to intervene.

    You can also meet with a marriage therapist if he is willing to go with you.

    I recommend that you watch these movies: Fireproof and The War room. It will build your faith and guide you on how to fight for your marriage.

    Don’t give up yet…the enemy is fighting …you need to fight back…

    All is well…stay strong and focus on the positive always.

    God bless you.


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