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Hung On Two Women In My Life…Can I Keep Both Of Them?

Good Day Admin,
I am a member of your platform. I am in a dilemma. I need your advice.
Its a long story though..but something happened some months back between me and my ex girlfriend and so we separated..I begged and begged but she was so mad at me and at a point wont even take my calls anymore.
I had to travel from Enugu to Asaba to meet her but she wont take my calls nor see me when I got to Asaba. And so I got really mad  and sent her a nasty sms: Saying whether she thinks shes doing me a favor by being in a relationship with me.
I begged  and begged..that I am sorry..just that I was worried sick about her and wanted to hear her voice but she wouldn’t yield. She is saying I am too temperamental..that if she was close to me I would have given her a punch on the face.
Meanwhile this is someone I have never raised a voice at before even when I am  extremely mad at her,  But I now felt she was always doing things to trigger or push me to do what i would regret letter.
So she replied saying she has had enough and cant take it anymore..she said she is quiting. I now asked her..what happened that you could not take nor return my calls or text in three days? She said whether I know the state she was in at that particular point in time.
 So I stopped calling and got tired..
Now am in a new relationship.. I love my current girlfriend and I have moved on…I wasn’t expecting my ex to call me ever again. This is someone that has refused talking to me nor see me in months.
However,on the 11th of this month …she called..I was speechless. I know I still feel something for her…sometimes  I think of going back to her..but I don’t wanna hurt my current girlfriend..because I cos i know she loves me so much ..
How do I handle this please… Should i keep them both?
Mr. JJ,
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  1. Hey,

    I think you acted quite immature .She left…I see you at fault…Not because of the porn but the way you handled it: You don’t raise your voice at a lady

    If she wasn’t picking your calls cos she was upset… You shouldn’t have insulted her with your sms.And like she said… You don’t know her condition and you just assumed

    Anyways… I think that ship has sailed …You are in a new relationship now…

    If you want her to ever trust you again… You either break up with this current girl or forget about her completely

    You can’t keep two girls.That’s completely wrong.We do not support that. Its irresponsibility

    Be a man… Do the right thing….choose one. Even if you are not married… You have to be a man of integrity

    On a second note though: But… It seems you and old girl may not be compatible

    That is… Emotionally .You guys didn’t handle anger very well. They say…. When you are dating,the way you handle anger… Conflicts… Shows how much your relationship will go

    In that case… Let her go

    Focus on new girl

    Just don’t make the same mistake

    Learn from your old mistakes


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