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How We Live In Same House With Our Wives For 12 Years:Twins

Gospel musicians, the Adegbodu twins who are well known in the Yoruba music genre have revealed how they have sustained their marriage with their wives since they got married in 2008, despite living in same house.

The Oyo State-born identical twins; Amos Taiwo Adegbolu and Samuel Kehinde Adegbolu got married on the same day, on the 13th of December, 2008, in Ibadan and are living happily with their families.

In this interesting chat with Seye Kehinde, Sunday Adigun and Biodun Alao, the twins reveal the strategy they have been using to keep their home intact and still remain strong contrary to people’s opinions about twins especially when they are married.

How do you manage your lifestyle, and how do you keep your home. You know people do believe that twins, once they get married, their relationship won’t be as solid as it used to be. So, how do you guys maintain it and you still remain solid for 25years?

It’s nothing but the grace of God. A lot of things have happened, that could have caused our separation, but we still remain strong. Our dad always told us while we were in school, before we even thought of marriage at all, that, we must pray very well whenever we are ready for marriage, so, it’s what we’ve heard before and we have planned our life towards it. We have those that we wanted to marry before but when we discovered that they would cause trouble for us we let them go.

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We told them point-blank that you were the problem they were talking about. When we first got married, our wives did not like each other, because they came from different backgrounds. But what we do is that whenever they start their fight we will leave home for them until they amicably settle their rift. Once they didn’t see us, they would be forced to speak to each other until they get used to it.

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Do you live together?

Yes, we are living together.

How do you guys cope that there is no conflict?

It’s right from the outset. We have planned it that we wouldn’t leave separately, though, not in the same apartment, but the same building. We are now living in a rented apartment but we are almost done with our own, so they don’t have a choice than to love each other.

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