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How I Sacrificed Everything For A Wicked Man & Nothing!

Good day ma,

Post anonymous for me. I met Taye (not real name) in my workplace 5 years ago. I had worked in that company a year before he was employed.We were both in the Engineering department.

Very handsome guy,caught many ladies attention. We hit it off one day at canteen. Long story short,we started dating and became inseparable. It became hard to concentrate at work cos everyone knew we were dating.

We got engaged and the company later found out.They now said one of us have to resign as two married people cannot work in the same department. I was in love so I offered to resign even though Taye felt bad but I was ready to sacrifice my job for our marriage.

Of course,I did not tell my parents the real reason I left the company. But our wedding was in 2 months so everyone did not bother too much. My father’s connection got me a job but a much lesser paying job.

But two weeks to my wedding,Taye and I had a big quarrel. He became quite intolerant. Argued alot and became very authoritative. I do not know whether it was the pressure of the marriage but things went out of hand very quickly.

He also queried me about my new job. He wanted me to quit. He said I was working too late. It was a company where work gets finished pretty late most times. A promotional company. And we had a lot of young people. Taye became really jealous of me taking selfies with some young guys.

I think Taye was a little erratic but I only started noticing it when I stopped working in the same office as him. People used to call him proud and arrogant but I was in love. That looked to me like people were just jealous. But now,I see the real Taye.

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I did not like how he spoke to me. And frankly speaking,he told me that I would quit the job once we got married. I felt he was threatening me cos he knew our wedding was close and I was in love with him.

In fact,I was scared knowing how close our wedding was. I told my mom. She advised me to pray. No one could understand Taye’s behavior. I complained to his brother who called him and he did. Taye promised to be better but he never changed.

One day,Taye lost his cool when came back late from work. He had called to ask me where I was at 8pm. I told him I was leaving the office. Unfortunately,there was heavy traffic and my phone battery died. So,all the while he tried to call me he could not reach me.

I got home around 11am. He was waiting for me. Instead of him to even sympathize with me,he just started raining accusations of infidelity on me. I was so angry and tired.I insulted him and we broke up that night.

One day passed,four days,one week..no word from him.I went to beg him and he told me that he has told his family that the wedding is off. I cried and cried. My parents called him,he refused to come. Everyone tried. He said he is no longer interested.

That was how,Taye embarrassed me. No wedding. I almost gave up cos of the humiliation. I even offered to quit the job but my parents refused. They said it was not just the job that was the issue but his controlling reaction.

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Eventually,with alot of support and prayers from everyone,I eventually began to pick myself up and move on. I think I will never be able to fully recover but am taking it one day at a time.Before I knew it,I started hearing rumors that Taye was dating some on else. The speed at which he moved on was so surprising.

That was when it dawned on me that all that aggressive display was a way to dump me for this chick who was probably around him by then. I have known people can be wicked but never experienced anything like this before. I lost my job for this man.

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When this happened,my father wanted to speak to that my former MD to fire him but because I was still in love and maybe hoping Taye will realize his mistake and come back,I refused to let my Father fire him. My parents were so mad to realize he was the one that made me quit my job.

But right now,seeing him with another girl. Just 2 months after breaking up with me. I feel like telling my father to speak to the MD of that company to fire him.I feel so enraged. I know this sounds vengeful but this mother f*cker deserves to be taught a small lesson.

Please post and tell me your views.

God bless.


Anonymous LS Blog Reader


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  1. Hello,

    My prayer for you is that you find the strength and courage to move on from this whole sad situation totally.

    Maybe you should look at this as God’s way of saving you from a very abusive marriage. I would say you dodged a bullet.

    What you described is a very controlling,jealous and erratic man. He does not deserve you.

    About the job,leave him. Do not revenge or try to pay him back. Life has a way of making such people pay for their wrongs. You do not have to stoop to his level and become spiteful like him.

    What we sow in this life…we reap also.

    So dear,celebrate the salvation God gave you from this man. Thank God every day for saving you. Just focus on celebrating and not feeling bitter.

    When you celebrate instead of mourn,you attract great vibes and positivity. Good people will come your way.

    Close that chapter of your life…its time for a new one…a much happier one….this happened not to kill you but to show you that the best is yet to come.

    So pick yourself up…and smile again.

    Wishing you the very best.


  2. Hello dear,

    So sorry to hear you have had such a disappointing experience. The thing is you have to take it as that, just an experience. It seems you are motivated more to act because of his new love interest. Instead of thinking how to hurt him, pity her. She will soon be enjoying his destabilising influences.

    Do not take revenge. Leave him to God.

    It’s a shame you gave up your job for him. You had the best intentions at the time but unfortunately, the love was not reciprocated. You have to remember that you volunteered to leave and it’s sad he turned out to be so selfish.

    This experience should not define you. Move on but don’t rush into another relationship as you really need to clear your head. Moving on too quickly could also be disastrous as your actions may be clouded by a desire to “show him”. From what you share, you were not compatible and are likely to have had a miserable marriage. The signs were there – him being domineering, controlling selfish and disrespectful. On your side, you may have been too willing to get married and compromised on issues that were really important to you under the guise of “being in love”. I think this is the root of why you are so angry – you gave too much and did not got what you expected in return. He also publicly embarrassed you in the worst way.

    For your next relationship, BEFORE you start dating find out his values, dreams and aspirations. Are they compatible with yours? Will he support your dreams and ambitions? Ask the Holy Spirit if the man is in Gods plan for you. What do others who know him say about him? Remember you did receive info that he was arrogant and proud. Next time investigate and read the warning signs.

    You will love again and it will be better next time by Gods divine grace.

    Wishing you peace and love.

    Mrs Sho

  3. Revenge has a way of keeping you as low as the offender. Forgive truly and move on. The most important is d lesson/s. Imbibe them deeply for tomorrow’s challenges. Due recompense will surely come at the appointed time. True forgiveness will enhance your healing. Tomorrow is definitely better than yesterday. Have a pleasant day.


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