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How I Married A Chronic Liar & Prostitute:Please Advise!

Good evening ma,

I remain anonymous. I need help cos I think I am running mad. I cannot continue this way. I have just ran away from my marriage of 5 years.This is too much for anyone to bear. I was in another city when I was dating my husband. I did not know he had some bad habits of which I only found out when we finally got married.

My husband is chronic liar,big male prostitute and big disappointment to me. In fact,I curse the day I agreed to marry him. We dated on and off for 5 years. First,we were both in Abeokuta where we met in 2002.

The relationship did not continue when he got a job in Lagos. But 6 months later,he called me and said we should continue. So I used to come to Lagos to see him on weekends. Sometimes he would come to see me in Abeokuato too.

After our traditional wedding,I moved to Lagos. I started seeing his real person. He was engaging different women in sx. Many of whom I believe are prostitutes. I wondered why he was doing so. He told me he likes sx in different ways and one woman cannot satisfy him.

I started having different kinds of STDs from him. I almost died during my pregnancy due to STDs. For a year after I gave birth,I could not allow him sleep with me for fear of STDs. How this man can live this kind of lifestyle,I cannot understand.

My enemies are truly at work,I swear I never knew this part of my husband. I started thinking of leaving the marriage but everyone was asking me to be patient and pray for him. Its been 5 years. We have s*x only once in like 3 months cos I am afraid of  STDs. I even think he maybe HIV positive .

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I am scared for my life ,I swear. My family,especially my aunt was advising me not to divorce that no one will marry a divorcee. That I can have a lover on the side to take care of me. But my heart cant take it.

I traveled and left him for one year.He came to beg my family and promised everyone that he will change. My family allowed me to go back to him after one year. Not up to 3 months,I got STD. A terrible gonorrhea. And the Doctor is even warning me to take care of my health.

Right then,I decided to leave him for good. I got back home to pack my things when I found some CDs around. They were blue film videos but the label had my husband pictures on it with different girls. I played the CD and my husband was in it,having sx,different sx orgies with different women.

That was when it dawned on me that my husband is a sx trader,a male prostitute, an adult movie actor and business man. I almost ran mad. I confronted him and he did not deny it. He even threatened that he made a sx tape of us that if I tell any body what he does,he will release the s*x online and sell it every where.

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I have packed my things and left with my son but the thought of what he may be doing with a s*x tape of me is giving me alot of trauma. My brother took me to police to report him but the police said that unless they see a tape as evidence, they cannot do anything.

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I am not at peace. I an very traumatized. I don’t know what to do.Please advise me.


Anonymous Woman


Ogun State


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  1. Hello madam,

    It is clear that you did mot take your time to study the man you married. Well, now you know that marriage was on a false foundation.

    My advise to you is to remain where you are until further notice. If he perhaps changes in future,then you can talk about reconciling,if he does not,get a Lawyer to advice on the bets route to take.

    Do not be traumatized. See this a God saving your life. Hope you have tested for STds like HIV or Hepatitis,etc…make sure you are safe.

    You may speak to a therapist. Healing from this experience maybe gradual but surely you will be fine.

    Don’t worry about any s*x tape leaking online…even if it leaks…you did not do it with a stranger…its your legally married husband…and when he leaks it,then you have every right to sue him.

    In the meantime,speak to a Lawyer if you can get a restraining order.

    Take it to God in prayers….you will be fine. Just relax. All is well.



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