How Do I Stop Being Too Clingy In My Relationship?

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This a question from a whatsapp member. What are your thoughts,how would you advice her? Drop your comments below.
Good evening ma

Please I need help, people are saying I’m too clingy to my boyfriend. I don’t know how to stop it, he works close to the place I worship  and I go there twice a week for church activities and use that opportunity to stop by and see how he is doing.

How do I stop going to his office the days I go to the church….I really love seeing him and he loves seeing me too.

I don’t want to be too clingy, almost every one is talking about it in the church, they’re saying I’m all over him, I’m not comfortable with it, even my sister is telling me to be careful.


I thought it was a good thing to see someone dear to you at any given opportunity.

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  1. Hello,

    Pardon me but I do not see any problem here…why you ask? Your boyfriend is not complaining is he?

    You said your boyfriend likes to see you girl,don’t sweat it.

    However,have a discussion about this with him. Find out how he really feels with you coming around quite often….if he is cool with it,then be cool..if he is not,then adjust.

    The others who are worried about this,maybe they are not used to this but do what makes you happy ok

    Finally,I hope your coming to see him in the office is not interfering with his job though…that would be my concern.

    Make sure,its break time that you see him so it does not affect his job or the way his office see him.



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