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How Do I Move On From The Man I Call The Love Of My Life?

I will be 37 years old by July. I am a single mother of 2 children. My baby father is married,we never got married,we dated many years ago and even though he promised to marry me,he ended up marrying someone who is richer than me. Then we only one our first son together.

I was devastated he married someone else and I decided to move on. But four months after his marriage,my baby daddy started coming back for me. I was resisting him initially but I am hopelessly in love with this man. I gave in and we were seeing each other until I got pregnant for my second son.

To be honest,I do not like that I am sleeping with my baby daddy but this man has got a serious hold on me that I seem not to be able to forget him. He is also good to my kids. He sends money regularly but his wife does not know about us. I made a new year resolution this year to leave him.

So I started dating someone else but in the relationship,I see myself comparing other guys with my baby daddy and they usually cannot compare. When I see him with his wife on social media,I feel so jealous. He said he is only with her for money,that its me he loves.I know that sounds like BS but he does really love me so much….and I love him..

My father is not happy with the way things are and has said several times that he did not raise me to be someone’s side chick. I am confused. How do I break away from this man?The thought of telling his wife has crossed my mind:maybe that will force him to leave me alone. He knows I have a weak spot for him…I cannot say no…

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As I am writing this,tears is falling down my eyes. I know it will be hard for me to forget this man. But in my heart,I know I deserve better. Why cant he leave his wife for me? He keeps saying he has a plan but most people say married men dont leave their wives for the other woman. That is why I want to leave. I hate been called the other woman. I cannot even show off pictures my children with their father…

Please help me. No insults,I already hate myself for being in this situation….


Thank you


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  1. Hello Madam,

    You are in a tough situation but I want you to know that you are right in your thinking: Yes,you deserve better than this…you deserve better than to be someone’s side chick….your children deserve a father that they can be proud about…

    And your dad is right too…it may be difficult but you can do this….end the relationship. Let him face his wife. You may think he is the love of your life now but if you let him go,a man more deserving of you will come and treat you like a Queen that you are.

    Do not eat from the left over of another woman. No matter the promises, he is a married man before God…you do not want to be the reason his marriage breaks up.

    Find our self again…find your voice…free yourself from his hold…only you can do it…..

    Block him….relocate if possible….threaten to tell his wife…if possible,even tell her.

    Start dating other people and do not compare….enjoy the new life…pray and God will help you.

    Its time to have standards…its time to be free. If not anything,think of your owe it to them to be the best role model to them….choose wisely so they can be proud of you.

    God bless you.

  2. Let his wife know, not because you want to marry him but for future sake. Let his wife and family know he has children elsewhere. He can’t continue to hide you and two children. If you are financially independent, it will be easier for you to move on, if not still try to move on.


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