How Do I Help My Friend To Remain Faithful To His Wife?


Hello Ma’am,

Please advise me. My friend is cheating on his new wife and I am not happy about it at all. My friend and his beautiful wife got married last October. They dated for almost three years before they got married and she is such a sweet soul. If you see this lady,she is like the most beautiful woman,has got very nice and s*xy features. She was even a pageant contestant one time.

Honestly,I have no idea why this guy is doing this…I truly feel he does not deserve her and I am at my wits end. It was shortly after they got married last year. We were at the club. His wife was even there with us. After a while,this dude said he was going to take a call,that an important client was calling. He couldn’t hear properly because of the noise in the club so he went to his car.


I went out for some fresh air and saw this dude with a club girl. They had his pants down and this girl was getting down on him. I felt bad. It was so quick,he got back to the club in about 10mins later. I confronted him privately and he said I was tipsy,that I did not see him. The second time I witnessed this was at a friend’s party this new year. The party was in this guy’s home in Lekki. My guy was alone this time. I saw him coming out of one of the rooms in the house after a girl who was scantily dressed came out.

Now my worry is,I have been friends with this guy for years now. I never known him to be a womanizer. I have no idea why he is acting this way. He was with his wife for three years before marriage,there was no issue of cheating. I had to confront him again and told him that it was wrong and he said he is sorry but he has desires that his wife cannot satisfy. He likes getting had and his wife tries her best but he seems not to be getting enough …He says that its not cheating since its not full blown sx but just getting a h*ad from other women.

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I disagree with him and told him he needed to speak to someone to get help and he refused. I know this is still going on and one day,the wife might find out. I do not know how she will react but I would like suggestions for my friend. Is it possible that his libido is overly higher than his wife’s? Is also getting a h*ad not cheating? What can I tell him to do to curb this irresponsible behavior?


From T. J




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  1. Hello T.J,

    You are a good friend. I think the best way to help your friend is to force him to stop this behavior.

    Of course,having women give him h*ad is cheating no doubt….

    He needs to own up that he is doing the wrong thing and you can threaten to tell his wife.

    If he does not change after that,you will have to find someone who you both respect,someone he sees as an influence in his life to try and talk to him.

    And if that fails too…well,it would be up to the wife to find out one day and decide how they want to address it. I do not think you should be the one telling the wife…it may be too messy after all….and that could affect your friendship with this guy..he might hate you for this.

    In the meantime,keep talking to him and praying for him.


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