How Do I Convince My Parents To Accept My Fiance- Please Advice

Shot of a young couple having relationship problems at home

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A member of our whatsapp group asked a question this morning,we thought to share it on the blog as well to get more suggestions. Please advice especially if you were once in a similar situation as her,how did you handle the matter?

Good morning all,


Please I need candid advice from you all. I brought my prospective husband to the house for my family only for my mum to go against it because he is not a Catholic..

My mum is making it look like I am still young for marriage at 27. How do I convince her because I don’t have issues going to his church.

Thank You.

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  1. Hello Dear,

    I have a few questions first :

    Which denomination is this fiance?

    Is he a born again Christian?

    How dedicated to God is he?

    Do you think that your parents fear or concern of him are not valid?

    How long have you known him?

    Are you confident he will be a good spiritual head of your family if you marry him?

    The above questions will help you know whether to listen to your parents or hold your own ground

    Your parents just want to know that the person you are getting married to is a good fit for spiritual leadership in your home

    And it is your duty to prove to them that he is fit or not…

    So instead of resisting them,try and make them see why they should have no doubt or worries about this fiance of yours

    Pray too…let God guide you.

    Also,give it time….things work out with time and prayers and communication.

    God bless you.


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