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How Do I Convince My Husband To Try Anything Other Than Missionary?

Hi Jzhane,

Thank you for the great job you are doing.I have been a faithful LivelyStones follower for a year plus now and I just joined your WhatsApp group because of my marital(s*x) problems.

I have been married for almost a year now, and I don’t enjoy s*x as much as I want to because my husband has never and refuse to give me a head on for religious sake. He feels it’s a sin. Even the different style like doggy style, we have never tried. We only do the missionary style .Even when I want to go on top of him, he react like am becoming something else from what he perceive a decent woman should be.

I had fantasies about it as a virgin and single lady, always dreamt of the feelings of ecstasy🥰💃 of being treated/handled and made feel like a real woman in my marriage. Now, because my mind so fixed on this, I hardly get satisfied during s*x and this is affecting me.I want more than someone just climbing on top of me and thrusting till he is tire.I deserve to enjoy it even for once.

He doesn’t like me bringing up the issue for discussion. Please I need your advise on what to do before it ruins my marriage.

Also like to hear if anyone in your group or you counselled in the past had similar issues and how it was resolved.

I remain anonymous


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  1. Hello dear,

    Congratulations on your marriage. I know you seem frustrated but you need not be.

    Your marriage is under a year,trust me,things will get better.

    What is lacking here is proper communication. I think you need to re-evaluate how you have been communicating your needs to your husband. Find a more subtle and effective way.

    Maybe try bringing this up when he is in really good mood….when he is truly happy with you for doing something great.

    What you want from him is oral s*x and some people even non religious people do not like it for several reasons. Some,because of health and hygienic reason. Its been medically proven that there are health risks involved in oral s*x.

    However,with good hygiene an ensuring its not a regular practice,I think you can be fine with it.

    So the challenge now is how to convince your husband to try oral s*x with you right?

    Religious reasons?…I hope his religion is not out-rightly against it…you did not mention his religion but most that I know do not say anything about the type of sex that is allowed between a legally married man and woman….

    You should also do some research online on the topic and send to him to read. You can check up some of these links:

    Before I wrap up: maybe your husband does not like oral s*x cos of health or hygienic reasons: what you can do is to make sure that if he agrees to it,you both have to take extra measures to ensure you practice safe and hygienic oral s*x.

    Do not loose hope,keep working at your marriage and s*x life…read and research more and carry your husband along on this research journey…he might come around eventually.

    And if he does not…its no big deal…enjoy the type of s*x that he can give you to the fullest…..if life gives you lemons….make lemonades….

    There are couples not even having any s*x and their marriage is good….s*x in marriage is great but do not let it consume you or it will ruin your marriage…focus on what is good and leave the not so good…ok?

    God bless you.


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