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Holy Water & Holy Oil-What Has That Got To Do With My Marriage?

Good day ma,

Please post and keep anonymous. Also let me know when you post it so I can read comments. Yesterday’s story moved me (click here if you missed yesterday’s story) and I have a somewhat similar story to share.

I got married like a year and half ago. We dated and courted for almost three years. I never knew or saw anything like this before. The mother of my husband is not what I would call a bad mother but there is something that she does that I do not like.

Moving into my husband’s house,the first Friday of every month,my mother inlaw comes to sprinkle holy oil and holy water in our house. The first time she did it,I found out that she intends to continue doing so.

According to her,its for protection and success. For driving away bad spirits. I do not believe in this practice of holy water or holy oil. Our church does not use it.It makes the house look dirty and somehow even like a shrine.

I told my husband my feelings about this and he says there is nothing he can do about it. My husband believes in his mother’s prayers. That its her prayers that is making his business to prosper and survive.

It was a rude shock to me but in order not to be seen as a bad wife or unbeliever,I have endured this for the past one and half year of marriage. To be frank,my spirit does not agree with this at all. it annoys me that my mother in-law would come all the way every month to come to our house to do this.

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Its my house too. I can pray. I am a Christian and I do not need anyone to come and drive spirits for me. But if I bring this up,my husband quarrels with me. So,I keep quiet,even though,am fuming.

Now,I have not been able to conceive since I got married. I am not that kind of person that read meaning into certain things but somehow,I feel …I cannot explain but in my heart..I know that my delay may be connected to what my husband’s mother comes to do every month in the name of driving spirits.

My women’s fellowship people have been praying and trusting God with me for me to conceive. Sometimes,we fast for women believing God for fruit of the womb. I know my case is a bit too early to worry but my marriage will clock 2 years in June this year. I have never missed my period for one day not to talk of miscarriage.

My husband and I have been to hospital and they saw nothing wrong with us. One of our women fellowship leader once asked me how is my relationship with my mother in law.

I said its fine. I did not mention that she sprays oil and water in my house to her. But the lady said,I she saw my mother in law angry with with when she was asking God to bless me with a child.

What that sister said,I kept to myself. I did not reveal to anyone. If I say that to my husband,he will not believe and that will lead to another quarrel. My mother in law is not wicked to me. The only thing I don’t like about her is that holy water and oil spraying. Now,this revelation has come. What do I do about it?

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I sometimes I feel if I am able to stop the holy water and oil spraying,that I will conceive.What should I do about this…or is this me just being paranoid? please advise me.


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  1. Hello,

    A questions to ask before we advise: did you not know about this practice of holy water or oil spraying before you got married? Did you not see this before you moved in? If you did,did you voice out your concerns then?

    I want to think you did not see these cos it would be interesting to know that you knew about this and still went ahead to marry him.

    The real issue here is belief systems. Different belief systems. And frankly speaking you should have noticed this before marriage and discussed this …if this bothers you this need to have raised it and if not satisfied,not gone ahead with the marriage.

    Now,you are in the marriage,and your husband does not see any wrong in this practice…well, you will have to accept it. You cannot keep bringing it up if it upsets your husband. Maybe there is more to it,maybe there is nothing to it. Its a belief system,many Christians practice it and it works for them while some do not believe in it.

    Something you said though: you said your church does not believe in it…does your husband attend same church with you? Is it possible to ask one of your church pastors or elders to talk to your husband about this? Maybe that will help him see reasons to stop it.

    Meanwhile,if your husband beleives those prayers are sustaining his business,that might be a very tough one to convince him to stop his mother from making those prayers.

    You mentioned your mother in-law is not wicked to you…I suggest you continue to see her in that light. Pray to God,let Him take control.

    Even if her intentions are bad…prayers and faith in God can still work miracles. You can still have your baby. I think you need to stop worrying about babies too. Babies will come. God is the one that gives babies…in His time…

    Do not entertain fearful beliefs. Just keep thanking God for your babies and even if there is anything against your having babies,God will take care of it.

    God bless you.

  2. My advice is that, if you cannot stop her for peace sake, each time she comes to do it, immediately she leaves, take a sachet of salt and sprinkle it everywhere in the house and pray as you do. If it has any bad effects, the salt will nullify the bad effects. Try it, it works. Good luck. Meee.


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