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Her Guy Cares About Her But Does Not Spend On Her:Please Advise!

Ma I have a friend who has a problem please.

She is in a financial crisis right and and she got in the situation due to religious issue so because of her security she has to lay low and stays with a family, but she mostly caters for herself with little business.

Lo and behold she is in a relationship with this guy,and she got very broke,so she explained her situation to him,he asked what and what does she need ,she told him a-z.waiting for a tangible response after he collected her account number,the next thing she saw was one thousand five hundred……

And the relationship is serious because they are even talking marriage. So she was surprised but couldn’t show him but us her friend, as in 3,000. And he said he checked his account and that was all he could offer.

Imagine fa. That he is broke.And he is a well to do guy according to her oh,apart from businesses he is a staff of a big company. Drives a big car and spends alot of money on other things and other people.

I got thinking so far he hasn’t helped her in any way and not that she expects him to,but his always asking about her well being showing concerns but nothing

She is emotionally down with her situation and I feel she needs some one who will help her out of her situation

Please ma post the story

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  1. Hello,

    This matter is a simple matter.

    Let your friend have an honest conversation about this money issue. Let her tell him her concerns.

    You may just be surprised that he may not be seeing things the way she sees it.

    And more importantly,if this is how he treats a lady he is in a relationship with…then this is a red flag!

    maybe he does not think they are in a relationship…..or maybe he is testing her.

    Either way…something does not smell right here….maybe its a communication thing or maybe he is just a very stingy fellow.

    She needs to clarify which one he is quickly so she can make her decision.



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