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Home Advice Her Guardian's Husband Is Pestering Her All The Time -Please Advice!

Her Guardian’s Husband Is Pestering Her All The Time -Please Advice!

Good evening ,

Please I have an urgent case at hand that I need the house to address. My identity may not be hidden because I need the matter settled before the end of today.

My friend sent her younger sister of 16 years to leave with a relative in Abuja. The husband of this relative desperately want to sleep with her younger sister but the girl refused.

Right now the pressure to sleep with her is becoming unbearable and it is affecting the girl’s academics. Each time she finished preparing the man’s five children for school and wants to get ready for hers, the man will ask her to allow the children to go while she stays behind to fry egg or do one useless thing or the other for him meanwhile it is just to keep her at home to have chance to mess with her.

The wife is the busy type that goes to work very early and comes very late and when she comes she won’t even care to know what is going on in her home. She is a lawyer.

According to the girl, when the wife has gone to bed at night, the man will sneak into her room and be touching and begging her to have sex with him. My friend her sister told her to tell the man’s wife but the girl is scared and doesn’t know how to go about it, she knows they will surly send her back.

I spoke with the girl this night and she narrated every thing to me but the issue now is that they have registered her for WAEC and she doesn’t want to lose the exam.

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Please I need people’s opinion on how to solve this issue urgently because I told the girl to hold on till today.


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  1. It simple ,call the sister and tell her what is happening , cause in the end ,she would still be sent out of the house , but if the sister is aware of the issue , the husband will withdraw from her , most men do this things cause they believe their victims has no one to talk to , or that nobody would believe them. She can even have a plan with her sister. Her sister can take a day off , without telling the husband and pretend to be at work ,then comes home later to see what going on in her home , she need a prove. Encourage her to speak to her sister.

  2. She should tell her sister and the man’s wife immediately.nothing to hide.better to miss waec if it comes to that ,than being defiled, Impregnated and accused of being a home breaker. PL shout out immediately or let her pack her things and abscond and seek refuge elsewhere.

  3. Here is my take….

    That girl needs to leave that house today…latest..tomorrow.

    The wife must be told too. So she can know she living with someone preying on underage girls.

    That WAEC can wait or better still go take the exam else where that is safe.

    But there is no need to wait or leave the girl there…

    She can be raped…if she gives in…she will en called a home wrecker…prevention is bette than cure…

    Get that girl out of that home now!

    Let her come back home and write her WAEC from home…there are people who can sponsor her of funding is an issue.

    Do the right thing…get that girl out of that home.



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