Helplessly In Love With A Married Man Who Is My Subordinate


My name is Dina. I work with a Multinational in Lagos. When we had an interview for a Senior Manager a year ago, I was stunned when a young man walked into the interview. As COO,I was part of the interview panel and all I could do was mope at how handsome this candidate called Goke was. When it was time to make the decision,I practically shut down all other options,Goke was my pick and that was it.

Ever since Goke resumed with us,I have been goggling around him. Like he is so handsome it hurts. I quickly got to know him,be friendly with him. I was COO,single but I found out that Goke was five years younger than me with a wife and kid. But I couldn’t help how I was always feeling around him. I am a goal-getter,I invited him for lunch two weeks later and told him I liked him. I told him I wanted us to be friends with benefits no strings attached. I was just too attracted and it was making me loose control anytime he was around.

Goke was flattered,asked me to give him time to think about it. He came back to me next day saying it was OK as long as I took care of him in return. That meant,I would gift him financially. I was game!…Goke is literally a Greek god in looks and in bed. I feel so jealous of his wife to the extent that I now stalk their pictures on Facebook. True to his word,this guy has turned my s*xual life around. He definitely knows how to make a lady scream during intercourse. And for the first time in my life,I had s*x in the most exciting places.

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This affair with Goke has been going on for almost 8 months and unfortunately,I have fallen in love with this young man. I don’t know how he is able to shag me almost every day and still go home to his wife. I don’t ask but his wife is hot too. I feel sorry for her sometimes. I recently asked Goke if he thinks we are destined to be forever and he replies he loves his wife. That broke me down completely. My boyfriend who shuttles Nigeria and the US came back one time and while making love with him,I screamed Goke’s name. He was upset and broke up with me. Its clear what Goke and I have has become deeper than we planned,I had to break up with him cos I was loosing my mind. But this man wouldnt let me be. He knows my weakness and exploits them. Every time I attempt to break up with me,he just corners me and gives me the most erotic feeling….I cannot continue to live like this. If he will not leave his wife,I cannot continue to die in frustration.

I feel like in order for me to get rid of Goke,I may have to fire him. That seems like an extreme measure to take but I have no other choice. I am helplessly in love with him. Having him around the office makes me behave very unprofessionally. Even some of his colleagues see that I can find no fault in Goke. I know Goke loves me but he has no balls to leave his wife. He wants to have two p*ssies to himself. Initially,I didn’t mind but I am not getting any younger,with Goke around,I cannot commit successfully to another man. Should I fire him or give him some time,maybe he will have a change of mind?

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P.S: I am not the bad person please. I am an adult doing adult things with a willing man,before you people start coming for me,I didn’t force him into a relationship with me,he agreed to it. I just want objective advice from those who understand my predicament.




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