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Help! I Need To Make A Hard Decision Before Its Too Late

Please help me post this. I need some guidance on what to do about this situation.

I had a boyfriend. We were together for over two years. He is not the caring type. Like,not romantic and all but he spends on me. Last year,I met a guy in the gym and developed friendship with him.

We became gym partners and he is a very caring guy. I clicked instantly with him and somehow,we slept together and I got pregnant. I was devastated. I just did not know what to do. I know this guy cares more for me than my boyfriend but I know I will have more financial security with my boyfriend.

I ended things with this gym guy and decided to focus on my boyfriend. So,I decided to terminate the pregnancy and try my best to forget about this gym guy. I plan to do the abortion the next week.

The issue now is,I cannot stop thinking about this gym guy. I think he genuinely loves me. I am confused. I do not want to make a decision I will regret later in life. What do you think I should do?

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  1. Hello,

    You need some deep and sober reflection for yourself…what do you really want?

    Note,you cannot eat your cake and have it. You cannot be in love or have strong feelings for someone and yet be with another person just for his money….that is all shades of wrong ma’am!

    My advice,tell your rich boyfriend that you are pregnant and tell your gym guy that you are pregnant They both deserve to know.

    Now,you have to end things with one of them. Its clear the love between you and your boyfriend is not sufficient for you. So,end it with him.

    As for your gym guy…let him know he is going to be a dad and then if you both can work it out,good….if not…please have the baby and be a better example to your child and live well,faithful and focused in any relationship that you find yourself.

    God bless.


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