Help: I Am In Love With Two People-Who Will Be The Better Man?


Hello ma,

Please help me share this,I am confused and I need advise on what to do.

OK I have two guys let’s name them A and B. Guy A is the kind of guy I would love to be with, because I saw some very good qualities in him and he is someone I would be able to cope with. He is a contractor too..and we have been planning marriage together.


We are planning to meet the mum and the rest of his family in Calabar but the way he is planning it he said unless he makes up to 5 million and unless a good contract hits him he can’t travel or see anybody.

Meanwhile,Mr B is asking my hand in marriage and he is really serious but Mr B is not the kind of man I really want but am going out with him because I don’t want a situation whereby people would say, the man came but you drove him away.

So right now I am really confused as to what to do because am not certain of Mr A that I love very much. And Mr B is really ready to settle. Please help me what do I do.

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  1. Hello dear,

    This is what I think you should do: sit yourself down and ask yourself…what do you really want…which of the men treats me better ..treats and respects me like a queen…which of them would I love to grow old with…who makes me laugh?….who understands me better….

    This one that is waiting to make 5M…what if he does not make it…how long will I wait?

    Am I marrying because of what people will say or my own happiness?

    Answer the above questions truthfully…and you will be sure who to pick.

    God bless


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