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Help A Bleeding Heart: I Forgave And Loved With All My Heart!

Good morning,

Please I really need counseling my heart is bleeding, can I talk to you ma?

I feel this guilt in me that is cutting my heart off, I felt that am a bad person or am wicked ,I fell in love with  this guy. Our relationship was flowing very well we love each other that we can’t stay without hearing each other voice..

But ours was a distance relationship so we tried to be truthful to each other, whenever we talk he also talk about sx and I will rebuke him, and tell him if he did stop I will stop talking to him, he will apologize, because I told him I don’t give sx in relationship.

So with time,our relationship was growing strong then one day I received a message through his phone from a girl telling me to leave her man alone, with a threat, and I confronted him,to which he lied and said she is his niece but I was surprised how can yur niece do such.

He begged and I forgave him. Within two months again, another message came again telling me to leave her man I didn’t want to hear, she will deal with me. So this time, the message came from the girl through her facebook account. She said she is his fiancee.

Again, I ask the guy he denied it, that I should not mind her,that she is lying, that she is his niece …so he begged for another chance and I forgave him again because I love him.

We started talking normal again, so he decided to pay me a visit and I went through his phone but with his permission, what I saw was so painful, the girl he claims was his niece was really actually his girlfriend, they took pictures together holding each other but my pictures was not there even our chatting.

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He deleted everything, my happiness was I never gave him he s*x no Matter how he begged me, I keep to my words, but he broken my heart, even the messages he sent to girls telling them he loves them and I ask he said he didn’t love them is me he loves, and he wants to marry me, he broke my trust, when I left that day I cried,I asked why…why are there no faithful men anymore?

I said no to other men just to prove mine love for him, I rejected a marriage proposal because of him, why did he treat me like fool? I realized that before he comes, he and his girlfriend is living together because sometimes when he calls he acts suspicions, and I will ask why are you hiding or ending the call in a hurry even when we have not finished talking, he lied to me he took my love for granted and took me as a fool.

Whenever he calls I become harsh to him, for him to stop calling but he will ask me what the problem is, and I will tell him to tell the truth is what I need, he insisted he is telling the truth, that can’t someone hold his sister that the girl is his niece….

So I stop calling him he will call and say did he do bad thing for coming to visit me, why did I change since he came to visit, even the gift he gave to me can’t I appreciate him for all his effort why am I mine treating him this way…

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So I was touched again and  I forgive and decided to let go, and beg for his forgiveness for being harsh, we start talking. All of a sudden his attitude changed. He became something else.He hardly calls when I call, he will say he is busy if I confronted he will say this and that. Until I find out he is dating another girl who is always tag him in his timeline.

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Sometimes two of them, holding each other then I know this guy is a bad guy, then I decided to end everything I can’t marry a cheater and a liar. I stopped picking his calls or calling him, I unfriend him on facebook.

I feel bad because when ever I see those gift he got from me. I felt am at fault I feel guilty, but my happiness is that I never give him s*x. Maybe that why he was coming back, but staying in so relationship makes me feel that am a bad person or ungrateful. Its  true he broke my heart by lying to me. I am in pain, I don’t know why I love him so much.

I want to forget about him and move on so I can love again, he stole my heart. He claims to be what he is not,do you think am a bad person? what should I do to the gift, should I return them so I can be free …let not look like is because of the gift ,I have taken it and drop him, cuz he didn’t believe he has a fault.

He believes I am hurt tempered and ungrateful because I ask him to be a better, why is my heart feeling guilty,what can I do? should I give it his gift out?

Sorry for the long story….Help a bleeding heart


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  1. Hello dear,

    I am not sure if you are ready to hear the truth about this relationship? …because its not what you are expecting to hear….

    The truth of the matter is…you have been catfished!…Long distance relationship like this type,your man has been lying to you..he only wanted to have s*x with you…he was never really into you…

    The sad thing is,all the signs were there from day one,you just refused to recognize them…

    That girl or girls are his lovers…not niece or anyone else…

    My dear,stop crying and feeling bad…nothing is wrong with you…stop ”BLEEDING” for him….he is an A**…(sorry for my french)…he is not worth one single drop of your tears…do not feel bad or guilty…that guy was just a smooth player..

    He is the one in the wrong but he keeps making it look like you are the one with the problem…

    My dear…dust yourself,,,delete his contacts….and move on

    Go do fun things….travel,entertain yourself ,,,forget about his sorry ass…he is not worth it….your own Honorable man will come…learn to love and appreciate yourself…

    You are smart and intelligent and worthy of the love of an honorable man…stay strong and stay blessed.


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