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He Wants A Second Chance:Is There A Future In This Relationship?

Good morning madam,

I have an issue and ask for your counseling please. I’m really not lucky in terms of relationships I’m 24 years old. I have been single for a while now until this guy came to me in the month of June for us to date.

Initially I wasn’t interested but my instincts told me to give it a try. The first month was something else he hardly calls me calming his always busy because his a medical doctor I didn’t complain I just kept my cool and also stopped checking up on him.

We could go a week without calls unless of cause we just hi on what app. This has been going on for almost three months and this is exactly how the relationship has been he hardly has time for me and has never given me money even when I visit him.

The little time he gets with me he wants to be intimate with me at a point I started turning him down I didn’t value him anymore since he was acting as if I was not worth him, then one day I told him I wanted to see him but he ignored me until his own time before showing up.

And this time too he wanted sex and I said no and he got angry but I didn’t just care . This time around he came back claiming he wants to make things right and I didn’t have time for him and he went ahead and asked for a break up which I told him it was never gonna happened.

I told him I’m glad he felt the way I felt when he didn’t have time for me and made me feel I didn’t deserve him since then he said sorry and that we should continue dating but how does a relationship survive without proper communication??

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Should I just end things with him and be free and and single again or what should I do. He knows very well I just completely my national service but since have never given me a dime before.

Thanks 🙏🏻


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  1. Hello dear,

    As much as I consider myself a romantic and one who always wants to see the best of relationships,I am also a very realistic person: this dude issa player…block him and let him go!

    This guy does not love you.He just wants sex. If all you want is sex…go ahead.But if you want a proper relationship, then let him prove himself.

    If you want to give him a second chance,tell him to prove he can be a good boyfriend.Give him a couple of months (3-5 months) to see of the communication can improve. I mean,we all know the signs when a guy is crazy for a girl.

    He should call at least once a day.He should be kind and respectful. If he is not that…forget him.
    If he does not spend a dime on you,forget it.Not saying he must spend big money but as a corper, he should be able to send you money for data or small pocket money like 5k or something

    He is a player. He thinks cos he is a doctor, you will just fall for him. Dont be desperate

    You are young and smart and you have a whole life ahead of you .Be yourself and the best man will find you.

    There are still good men out there…men who will respect you and adore are 24…you have a whole life ahead…do not settle for less.


  2. That boy is just wasting your time. Period.
    A man that loves, respect and value you will always create time for you and spend his money on you no matter how little he has.
    That boy is only after sleeping with you. The earlier you realize this and leave him the better for you.

  3. Leave Him. He does not mean well. He only wanted a dedicated s.x partner.

    If you give Him a second chance, He can’t survive the relationship without s.x.

    Let the one to come treat you well, woo , marry then enjoy the benefit that comes.


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