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He Wants A Second Chance After Breaking Up With Me

Good Morning,

Please help me. I am just confused

My name is Rose(not real name), I met this guy Chris ( not real name). We both meet in a group chat. He lives in Abuja while I lived in Adamawa.

He falls for me and later private chat me and told me,he is in love with me, which i also feels the same thing in my heart.

One day he promised to visit me, which he visited me in the month of May 2019 and stayed for good 3 days.

I am fatherless, he told my mum and my aunt his intention towards me. After he went back, few days later, he called me and told me to break up with him. It was not funny at all, I really find it hard to believe what I heard from him.

It wasn’t easy for me, to let go.

To cut the story short. He is asking me for forgiveness which I have already forgiven him.

Now he wants me back, and willing to amend his mistakes. Am scared to accept him back and I still love him.

I am really tired, all my friends and younger ones are already married,I really want to marry this year.

Please I need advice.


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  1. Hello,

    The truth is…you have to be very careful with guys you meet on group chats…social media …etc. You need time to study and observe them before you enter any meaningful relationship with them.

    This guy came to spend time with you..after which he broke up with you…and now he is asking for forgiveness…is that correct?

    You have to just give some time to watch his actions first. To test his sincerity. Tell him you will think about the second chance. Dont go running back to his arms

    Now,dont for one second look or act desperate around him. Guys can sense a desperate lady who wants to marry at all cost,if you give him that impression,he might take advantage of you and you may end up heartbroken.

    Never compare yourself with others .That will make you look desperate.

    Live your life…Whether married or not…just be happy…Happiness attracts the right kind of people

    Everyone is getting married is a bad idea to want to get married.What of the fact that people are dying…will that make you die too?

    THANK God for your health and life….Be happy…help others…do volunteering .Get busy

    Take care of yourself…Marriage is not the ultimate.

    The best man will come for you

    Just relax ok.

  2. Pl be very careful. You can forgive but pl be careful. Be calm,thoughtful and a bit distant. If possible find out why he took the initial step of suddenly breaking away. Its very important you try to understand what happened! As a woman don’t be too rigid about timing marriage. It will make you make mistakes and ignore potential red flags. After a careful investigation, you can agree with your mum before accepting him back fully.


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