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He Wanted Me To Get Pregnant Now He Won’t Pick My Calls!


I want some advice kindly.Actually it’s concerning my relationship. I met a man and we started dating on January this year it’s now 10 months,ok .

At first I asked him if he has a girlfriend and he said yes and I was single,then he said he likes me and he want has to date,but I told him you have a girlfriend how will this happen?he told me I should not worry.

Ok we started on and it reached a time I told him I have given you enough time now its high time for u to choose between me and her.He told me to give him sometime of which I did

We dated for 6 months and I asked him are you still with that lady he told me they are not together,but sometimes he keeps on disappearing on and off, sometimes he ignores my calls and text and this made me doubt him more.

It reached a point where he wanted to have a baby with me. But I was not sure with him since he has never introduced me to his house.

He kept on pressurizing me to get pregnant, so I made a trap game,I lied to him that I am  pregnant and he was happy about it,I told him I want to stay with you since I am pregnant for you and he said he will come we talk.

Now, should I be worried? it’s now four days and he’s not picking my calls neither replies my text. I am stressed up with which decision to take,I love him very much.

He was to come we talk on Friday but he didn’t come ,I calls but his not picking I don’t understand.Since Friday he hasn’t call or text me.

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  1. First, thank God that you are not truly pregnant!!!

    What if he is not being sincere with you?

    Girl ..any man who sleeps with you without being married to to is not one you should trust.

    He even told you he has a girlfriend and you still dated him…girl…how can you so that to a fellow girl? If someone dis that to you,would you be happy?

    That how women force themselves on men who are already in a relationship or married…that’s a bad social vice.

    You deserve better…stop forcing your self on a man that is already taken.

    You cannot even complain cos he was never yours in the first place….he is taken…get that in your head!

    Now get some self dignity and forget about him

    He is not yours…so stop longing for him and ask God to forgive you for trying to be with another woman’s man and ask Him to bless you with yours…

    If he comes back…please dont continue with him….stop selling yourself short ok.

    Block his no and move forward with better goals in life.


  2. This is what happens when a woman does not have self love and boundary.
    From the moment he told you he has a girlfriend and you still went ahead to date him, you made yourself cheap before him. That is why the guy has no respect for you.

    A woman who knows her worth will not date a man she already knows has a girlfriend. She knows she deserve better, she knows she deserve to be a man’s one and only and not his option. The moment you make yourself an option to a man, you loose your worth and respect in his eyes.

    So now that you have already cheapened yourself before him, my only advise to you is to let him go. Even if he comes back, cause he will, don’t accept him back.

    Invest in your self development. Develop your self love. Learn how to love yourself. When you love yourself, there are certain things you will not tolerate. Develop your self esteem. Have a healthy self esteem. Then learn boundaries. Set boundaries for yourself. These things will help you going further.
    Above all, don’t be desperate to have a man. Get a life. Get a life that is so fulfilling that you don’t need a man. So when the right one comes, you will be with him not because you need him but because you want to be with him.


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