He Says He Loves Me But Why Wont He Stop Seeing His Ex?


Hello Ma,

Is all about my boyfriend that I love so much,when we started he told me about his ex, that he can never date her again but up till now they are still together even though our courtship is 9 months now, he always tells me he love me, that he will never leave me for another woman

But I am always sad whenever I see the two of them,that he even use to post her pictures,he once posted my pictures but that was when we started dating and after he deleted my pictures for her from his profile when I saw this I was very sad that I said we should break up,he was begging me not to leave him, but he took me home to know his parent,his brother everyone of them know that I am dating him, we had an issue sometimes his pastor will be begging me that I shouldn’t leave ┬áhim,that he love me, have also prayed about it they told his good, So I don’t understand what his doing with the girl he told me they can’t date again and they are always together. I am confused I don’t understand
Teni (Not Real Name),
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  1. Hello Dear,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    From what I see,your boyfriend is not over his Ex. Especially after you have told him to stop it.

    He may be begging you,his family and pastor may be begging you but he knows what to do and he has not done it yet.

    My dear,ask him to give you space until he totally ditches the ex,dont talk to him.

    Its tough especially if you love your boyfriend by my dear,but what he is doing with his ex is very disrespectful. He needs to stop.

    You also need to preserve your dignity..the ex might be mocking you cos she still has a hold on the guy.

    My dear,be strong,you are beautiful….you dont deserve to be treated like this.

    God bless you.


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