He Loves His Fiancee But His Pasts Haunts & Worries Her

Good day.
My kid brother is dating this particular lady and intends getting married to her. She is smart and very kind. The challenge here is the lady has lots of insecurity issues.  She claims she is afraid of his past life ( specifically ladies once he dated) and doesn’t want any confrontation from his past.
She likes him but keeps stating her fears and thus hindering the relationship from moving forward.
My brother cares about her but is also at his wit end… He has done all he knows to make her feel secured but all appears to be failing…
  • He has told her about his past and is even scared of talking more about it cos it increases her insecurity.
  • He had told us his family about her to make her know he is serious and cares about her
  • She often misinterprets or misunderstands most of what he says to which often has to make detailed explanation to clear the misunderstanding
I told him I was going to ask LS family…  Please What else can he do? Cos the young man appears to be into her a lot.
Mr Anonymous,
From Ghana.
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  1. Hello Sir,

    While it is important to talk about your past while in a new relationship,it is not advisable to discuss your past relationships to an extent.

    No one wants to feel like they are in competition with your past relationships especially of you keep talking about them or making comparison with them.

    As for your brother, he needs to keep reassuring her that he is not his past. And this lady needs to clam down and have faith in this relationship.

    Another thing you can do for them is encourage them to see a counselor together. You can call or book an appointment with any of our counselors if you like.

    Love is patient and kind…it does not bring up the past hurts.

    All the best.


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