He Keeps Breaking My Heart & I Keep Going Back To Him

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This a question from a whatsapp member of LS. What are your thoughts with her question,how would you advice her? Drop your comments below.
Good morning ma’am,
I am in your whatapp platform and I have seen the way you guide people, so I felt I should tell u my story and I really need your advice.
 I met a boy in my church, late last year, we talked and I get to find out he was interested in me, I liked him too so we started dating. But he was my kind of man in dress sense, since I love him I decided to build him up to my kind of guy, I sew male clothings,  so it was easier for me to build him.
I just buy the materials and sew for him or he buys and I sew, we were going perfectly well until his mom got involved. She said she wants a graduate for her son, and I am just an O’level holder, he told me about it but assured me he will sort it with his mum.
However, all of a sudden he just called and said we are over.I was down, I rushed to him asking him to explain, he said he can’t disobey his mom and his siblings are also supporting his mom, so we can’t work,we cannot be together, I was devastated and down because I really love this guy.
Weeks later he called saying he still loves me but its his mom that is the problem. We started hanging out again, had s*x and all but I later found out he had a new girlfriend. He told to my face he has moved on so I have to, but I find it difficult to move on cos I love him. After finding out he has a new girl, he still called  me and I still went to him. I even had s*x with him and spent the night at his house.
How can I stop myself even when I know am been fooled, I answer him whenever he calls or maybe wants s*x, according to him he said his emotions doesn’t rise when he is with his new girlfriend (he is not attracted to the new girl).
What do I do ma’am, I really love him and will still go if he calls me. Please ma’am I need everyone’s advice. Am waiting earnestly
Thanks ma’am.
Anonymous Whatsapp member
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  1. Hello dear,

    First things first: you need to black that Casanova’s number!

    The good thing is,you know he is using you and you still go back to him.

    You need to pull yourself together and stop making a fool of yourself.

    There are many things wrong with this relationship and this is not God’s will for you.

    This dude is a cheat,a mommy’s boy and a time waster. He does not want you ,he just wants to waste your time…and he is getting free s*x from you. If you do your research very well,I am sure you are not the only girl he is sleeping with in that church….

    You my dear,you are also suffering from low esteem. You do not believe in yourself because you are not yet a graduate….stop doing that to yourself. If you can,enroll for part time poly Technic courses…do not let anyone put you under because of your academic qualifications.

    Finally,stop having s*x with just anyone. You say you met in church? And he is asking you for s*x? Do you need anyone to tell you that the devil wants to ruin your life?

    Stay away from that guy. If possible,change church…go to another branch pf your church so that you will not see him again.

    Have some dignity for yourself. God made you beautiful and smart. Develop yourself ..invest in your self. Build your self confidence up to the point that no one can bring you down.

    And God will bring you the right man at the right time.

    God bless you.

  2. I understand what you are talking about, I have been through a similar situation. Mine, wasn’t the issue of school. I had to channel everything thing to God in prayer. Prior to this time, I had thought he was the ideal guy. I overlooked his flaws while I try to work on mine as the complains come. He kept on telling me that he wants to Marry me but no effort towards it. One Day I made a simple prayer to God to reveal him as he is. Just within the same week, he surfaced. I made another simple prayer to God to break every Bond and feelings or love between us. God answered it, though I see him often. I do not feel the way I used to. Just ask God to break the bond and make conscious effort to say no when he calls. Truth be told, this guy does not love you.


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