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He Is Still Talking To Other Ladies-Please Advise Me!

Good morning ma.

Please I need your advise.

He said he wants us to be in a serious relationship and he has been pestering me on it for two years now, I kept rejecting him because I don’t like him coupled with eavesdropping that he is a womanizer…..

I just want to know if it’s okay for a guy to ask a number of ladies out at the same place just because he is not in a relationship yet? I just feel he should know what he wants rather than hearing that he also did ask other ladies out as well.

One may tend to say at least he is not in a relationship yet, I haven’t said yes to him and heard about all this, he wouldn’t be in a relationship with me and still go ahead doing that, as my friends say but I just don’t feel convenient with it at all…..

To me it’s a no issue, but I need a counsel considering the fact that I’m uptight with men.

I just need your advise ma and if you must put it on the group I will like to be anonymous. Thanks a lot ma


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  1. Hello dear,

    To be completely honest, you cannot blame a guy that you are not in a relationship with if he is still talking to other ladies…

    If anything,that is a trait you should be weary of…..if a guy wants you,his eyes will be single and stop wandering about other women…

    You also do not need to be uptight with men…have a free and open mind. That is not to say you have to lower your standards and accept just about any crap from any one.

    Be a balanced open and forward thinking… easy on you and if you see signs of womanizing, then that is not the man for you.

    All the best.


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