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He Is Overprotective But Very Caring And Kind-Please Advise

Good morning ma,

I’m in a relationship where religion defers us, I’m a Christian and he’s a Muslim, he promised he would convert before we get married.. It’s a year now and there’s no sign converting yet…

He gets mad whenever I bring the issue up, he says he would convert at the right time with an excuse that, what has religion over us in this life? That pastors and imams exploits our money and sorts… That’s one problem’

Another problem is that, he’s Over-protective, and Over-jealous, I don’t have social freedom,he beats me up so bad whenever any male friend calls me or sees with them
The last beating he gave me was terrible, he injured me and even smashed my phone so that I won’t receive calls from friends’

That’s the second time he’s laying his hands on me, after beating me, he would apologize to me saying it’s anger issue that he has and that I pushed him.He is so loving but when that evil spirit comes upon him,He’s a demon… He will beat me as if I want to die.

I want to remain anonymous. Please, help me out of this, I need your advice. I’m Joy (not real name) by name, He’s Akeem (not real name) by name.I’m 23 and he’s 27.


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  1. Nne,this is not love, anyone who loves you wouldn’t want to see you get hurt
    Telling you he will change religion is 20/100
    Why caging you in ordinary relationship?what happens when you guys are married?he wouldn’t be allowing you to step outside for just fresh air
    It is only you that can advise yourself,no one else

  2. Please dear, I beg you in God’s name. Don’t sign your death warrant ignorantly because anyone that cares about you would NEVER lay his or her hands on you. Also because you said you are a Christian, go and read 2 Corinthians 6:14, if you are a believer, you can’t date nor marry an unbeliever. No one can convert another person, that is the work of the Holy Spirit. Run with your legs back to God. You are young, why the hurry? Shalom

  3. Young lady,

    You are young and naive. You may think what you have with this man is love: its not. Its pure carnality!.

    First: he will never convert because of you. Both religions are very strong faith based….he cannot abandon his faith for you and neither should you do the same for him. It happens for 1 in 100 people but the risk is too high.

    As for his temper and violence: what other evidence do you need? He will bet the sh*t out of you and one day you might die….I am not mincing words…get out of that relationship now,get a police restraining order and never go back to him.

    As for educational background….I would say focus on getting a good degree…relationship should not be your focus now. Channel your energy to being the best you can.

    Picking a man based on where he is from,is not the best…his character and personality and values and beliefs and genuine kindness is what you should watch out for.

    You need to be smart and know this is not what you need…you are smart and beautiful. Someone more deserving will love and respect and honor you one day.



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