He Does Not Want To Tie Me Down- What Does He Mean By This?

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Good Morning ma,

I just join d group but I want to ask a question in the group….


I was dating a guy but suddenly the guy told me that we can’t continue the relationship again. That we can be friends, my problem is that I can’t help my emotions for him.

When I tried to find out what happened,he said nothing,that he just does not want to tie me down. What does that mean? We are both adults;29 and 30 years old..why does he say he does not want to tie me down?

I have tried to let go but I can’t….. And it’s killing me.

Please I need advice

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  1. Hello Dear,

    This is just an old trick this guy is playing on you…any guy who break up with you and says: I don’t want to tie you down is saying the following:
    1. He is scared of commitment. Maybe you are giving him a hint that you want to get married soon, He does not want to get married to you,that is what he is saying.
    2. He probably has found a new girl…and he does not know how to tell you

    My advice..its over. Stop pinning for him,else you look desperate and a fool.

    You are better and smarter than this…a more deserving guy will come for you.

    Yes,you are hurting…it will take time but you will be fine…forget him.

    All the best.


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