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He Broke Up With Me Because Of Sex : Please Advice!

Good day,
I have been in a relationship with this guy for 6 years now. It has not always been perfect but it was very good though. Before I met him I used to date a guy who only wanted sex from me and I also been naive gave it to him.
So when I met my boyfriend I told him no sex till marriage even though we kiss and do all other intimate stuff but it never led to sex. I did that because I wanted to make it up to him since I wasn’t ready to give him sex.
Well it happened that we had sex about two years ago and that was it. It never happened again except the usual oral sex. I happened to be a leader in church. A choir leader and also prayer leader too so I decided to tell him I can’t continue to live in sin.
So I pleaded with him if we can stop been intimate.he got terribly angry and accused me of taken a stupid decision not to be intimate with him.he also said I always allow him to be intimate with him and then later beg him to stop and that I am very selfish.
So after then he broke up with me and said he was tired of been with me because he wants to be intimate with me anytime he wants.I then told him we can get married since we are both working and can take care of our selves so all these could end, he replied and said did I tell my exes to marry me when they wanted to be intimate with me.
I keep telling people am in a relationship with him because I really can’t live without him. Please advice me.
Kindly keep me anonymous
(Story received as anonymous Email)
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  1. Hello Anonymous,

    First,you need to have some self discipline: if you say no sex,then NO SEX is it!….you cannot telll a guy no sex then later you turn around and have sex with him and later say you want to stop.

    Once you start,you cannot stop cos the relationship has been based on sex.

    If you have strong convictions that you should wait for sex in marriage,then stop being whinny that a guy broke up with you cos of sex….what were you expecting?….you took away his candy…so he does not see any more reason to be in a relationship with you…apparently he was in it for the sex

    Find yourself a man who respects your beliefs and values and standards and faith in God. You deserve that. Do not be pressured into doing something you are against just to keep a man

    There are men that will respect your wishes to be celibate before marriage…wait on God for such men if that is your desire….do not be anxious or impatient…..good things don’t come easy.

    And please,oral sex is sex too…do not engage inn what you cannot finish.

    So do not worry about that douche bag of a boyfriend…let him run along.

    God bless you.


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