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Happy Married Life?…Must We Have S*x On The Wedding Night?

Must we have s*x on the wedding night?

Her: Sir, Is it a must that one gives his or her virginity on the wedding night? Can’t it been be done some other day? Please, guide me. Thank you.

Me: Well, first, I have never seen a wedding that didn’t have sx on the first day…..secondly, there is always a sx-pull in every relationship….Thirdly, every guy that approaches a lady wants s*x….they want it now, sooner, or later… it’s only a matter of time….

Scripture says, be fruitful and multiply, and if that was in today’s English, it would have read, “Have sx and make babies, until the earth is completely populated”….so the question we should ask ourselves is, IF I WILL MOSTLY LIKELY HAVE SX, then why wait?

The issue is this……..s*x is like food,…. its natural…. but cos its more than a physical connection….its emotional… its spiritual…. and it’s a transfer of one person into another person….. we are therefore careful of who we engage in this powerful exercise.

So when a guy and a girl come together, even though they would have sx sometime in the future, they want to make sure that the foundations and the purpose of the relationship is not just on the physical component of sx.

so we make the choice….I repeat… we make the choice…to get the full blessings of compatibility, commitment, and consecration that comes with a wedding, before we present our bodies for s*x.

When this is achieved, scripture says, henceforth the woman’s body belongs to the man and the man’s body belongs to the woman. S*x becomes a by-product of this agreement, and so we call it a CONSUMATED MARRIAGE.

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And except in rare situations where one party is sick on their wedding day, or so stressed out that they wait till the next day, but often s*x is fired on the very first day. I am yet to see anyone who did all-night prayers and intense Bible study on their wedding night!

I hope this answers your question

Her: Wao!!! To be very sincere to you………… I do feel scared about it…….I don’t know why? Considering the stress of that day and….. the pains involved, as told

Me: Its okay to be scared. but trust me, when you are ready, God empowers you. The most powerful thing I have ever felt is to have sx right in the presence of God…..My heart bleeds when people have sx and come out fighting guilt, conscience, and emptiness. When two Temples of God, come together in the presence of God, my dear, He makes all things beautiful…..God created s*x…Don’t you think He will make it beautiful when He is present?

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Listen to me, Adam and Eve were naked and God came around and they were afraid. In order words, God wants to come around after you’ve had sx, and still say, “that’s my boy, well done!” This is what we miss when we run ahead of God and eat unripe fruits of sx, without waiting for the God of the harvest to give his blessings.

Now, concerning the stress, it can be managed, and concerning the pains, there are now jellies that can be used to give easier or smoother passage… relax, when u are ready, I will be here by the grace of God to guide you….Sx is good, Sx is sweet, when it’s done at the right time, but I will forewarn you, sx is highly over-rated……men have made sx their god, so they have over-hyped it…..just to drag people into fornication. I am sharing this so that others can learn. God bless you.

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Her: Thank you, Sir.

Me: I appreciate your feedback. As the traditional media, and now, the social media hypes s*x and makes common a family hallmark, its my prayer that God will impact his wisdom on you, and all of us, to steady this ship, across this stormy waters until his Christ shall come. May He come finding us still faithful, and loyal to him in Jesus name…


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