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Happy Glorious 29th Wedding Anniversary To A Dear LS Couple

Happy 29th wedding anniversary to Pastor Eliashib Ime-James is with Aisha Ime-James.

Pastor Eliashib Ime-James is a very dear friend and supporter of Lively Stones.

Here is his facebook message on the day of his anniversary:

”We met 32 years ago, started dating 31 years ago, got married 29 years ago and still locked in a divinely orchestrated matrimony destined to signpost Christ to intending couples. Help us, oh Lord God, become the example of a Godly union.

Dear friends, help me thank God for sustaining this union and my wife for enduring me all these years. 😂😂😂😂 thank me too oo for loving unconditionally.

Glorious 29th wedding anniversary to us”













Congratulations to Pastor Ime-James and his lovely wife. Thank you for shining God’s light through your marriage.


Cheers to another 50 years in marital bliss.


From all of us @Lively Stones Family.

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