Groom Rides His Bride Down The Aisle With Bike In Benue State


In a rare case of true love thriving above all circumstances, a couple allegedly went down the aisle on a power bike

A physically challenged NKST Iortyer choirmaster, identified as Terkuma, rode with his bride, Mngohol, down the aisle, on their wedding day, yesterday, April 14, 2018 in Makurdi, Benue State.












According to reports, Terkuma, can only move around with the aide of the bike, so he decided to ride with Mngohol to the church altar on their wedding day.

The photos of the couple riding inside the church have emerged online as the beautiful bride is captured in all smiles, while the excited groom, was adorned in his suit amidst the hailing of the church members.

The love birds were later joined together as man and wife.



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