God Punish Poverty!…My Wife Treats Me Like A Slave


Hello All,

I am very encouraged by what I read on your platform. This has motivated me to send my problem. God punish poverty. I never wish anyone even my enemy to be poor cos if you are poor or as a man you cannot take care of your own family,you are completely finished.

I met Ajiri five years ago. She was working as Contractor to my company. I work with a manufacturing company as a Store Officer. She was about 31 years at the time. I used to admire how hard working she was as a single woman. She seemed to be doing well for herself. So,I was like her insider friend for her business since she was supplying things to my company. One day,we were gisting casually and I asked her why she is not married,she said no man ask her. They all want to sleep with her and want her money but not to settle down. I told her I liked her but I dont have money like her,she was like,love is not about money.


Long story short,we got married like almost seven months later. My wife is also from a very rich family. So like our wedding,they sponsored everything. Since our marriage,cos I am in school too,its my wife that has been taking care of all our finances in the house. We talked about this before we got married. She said,she didnt mind to support us until I finish school and get a better job.

But since we got married,I have been a miserable man cos of money. My wife tries but he family has really made a mess of my life. They harass me all the time. They insult me for not being able to provide for my family. My father inlaw gave his daughter a duplex when we got married. They dont allow me drink water and drop the cup in the house. They live a very expensive life and when my children were born,they shower so much money on them and always ridicule me for not being able to spend money. They also started to influence my wife. Telling her I was a gold digger. My wife started to disrespect me. She will come into the house whenever she likes. Of course,we have cooks,nanny..so she does not do anything in the house. My two children are left in the care of domestic staff. They drive cars but they will not allow me touch anyone of them. many times,I dont even eat in the house cos if I do,I will hear the story of my life.

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I started to regret marrying Ajiri. But its almost five years and I have two children. I am sorry,things have not changed for me financially and they dont want to assist me cos if they want to,they can actually help. They dont allow my mom or my family members come to visit. It is as if,I am just a trophy husband. Like they dont need me..just for Ajiri to answer married woman and to have children.

Last time,Ajiri’s father threatened to lock me up in prison for daring to talk to my wife by raising my voice. Ajiri had entered the house by 1am. It was obvious she had been with a man or men. Cos I have been observing her behavior. We haven’t been sleeping together for almost 9 months. Yet,she dress sexy and flirt around. I see pictures on her social media. Many times,I have considered leaving this marriage but my children. I love my children,I dont want to leave them with their mom cos she is not a good mother. her family will not allow me take them with me. To be honest,I cannot provide for them if I take them. I am actually fed up. I am a miserable man and I dont know what to do.


From Sunday,



Editor’s note:

The poster is a young father requesting for advice on his situation. Kindly drop your comments and advice



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  1. Hello Mr Sunday,

    Your case is pathetic. All I can say is,for the sake of your children,hang in there until you are financially stable. Ignore everything the woman and her family are doing,focus on your kids.

    I am hoping with time she will realize this and change. Please spend time praying for her and continue to show here love even if she does not love you. Remember your wedding vows!

    Time will tell but for now,please Sir,hang in there!

    God bless you.

  2. Hmmm! Man told u not to worry n u believe,are u that young n naive? Anyway my dear bro,u can’t leave d marriage, be patient, pray to God nevertheless exercise ur power in d home. You said they don’t want to help u ? Have u ever asked ? Discuss with ur wife n I tell u,even with d way things are,if its only a pack of noodles u can afford to buy,buy it pls. No matter how poor u are,pls contribute at home,a pair of slippers for ur wife won’t kill u,don’t let her nagging n family make u a bad person. Give her d little u ave,show her undiluted love, be happy, let her see this in u n most of all,a family without God can’t stand make him d center. Have mrg devotion with ur children,she may not participate at first but with time she will. You tomorrow must be greater than today,confess it daily.

  3. Mr Sunday, I will advice that you get a job or start a business. It’s been five years according to your story, and 5years is a long time for a man to do nothing. Believe me, when she sees that you can pay your bills, she will begin to respect you. Stay strong, pray for your wife as well. Things will get better with time and I pray she changes. Be blessed!

  4. Hi Mr Sunday,

    Believe that things can take a turn for the best in your family.

    Involve God, you can join your faith with a spiritually strong BROTHER in prayers too, incase of any manipulations of the enemy ( when a party opens themselves up to other s.xual partners it opens up different things).

    Please don’t hold any grudge against anyone, your wife’s family are disappointed that though you have finished schooling now, you still unable to take care of your family, so take up the challenge and make a resolve to do well ( ‘But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel’. 1 Tim 5:8).

    You have something to give e.g lots of love – love your wife in a way that no one else will, take a walk together, go for Christian couples programmes to strengthen your relationship , speak nicely to her etc., say positive things in her hearing that when things change for you, you will do more.

    God can open your doors, start something, after praying, try to see if your wife can give you some capital to start a business, if not, keep looking for opportunities.

    In all don’t cheat, make your marriage work.

    All the best

  5. To add, you have not slept with your wife for 9 months?

    S.x is a scared act and a gift from God to the married, it is bonding – the desire of which should be satisfied with ones spouse not other parties or toys .

    Please bring that back into your marriage🎉.

    ( Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from sexual intimacy for a limited time so you can give yourselves more completely to prayer. Afterward, you should come together again so that Satan won’t be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control. 1 Cor 7:5)

  6. I advice u leave, Go work hard and come for your kids. How can u stay in such a marriage. Because u ain’t strong financially your wife flirts around other men. What is she lacking. Someone said remember the marriage vow, is ur wife respecting her own side of the vow. U better think fast. Because if u die of heart ache, she would surely live her life. Be wise

  7. It is well my brother. My advice to u is dat u should keep praying for your wife and patiently wait on d Lord to change and transform her life for good. Secondly, go out and find something to do. Such things like being helpers for those workers at d building sites can help, also, apply for teaching jobs at any school around u and get busy no matter how small or big d payment is just b busy. One day ur heavens will open. Ur being a stay at home father will not help u at all. Who knows? ur going out everyday can give u an opportunity to stand before kings at d white house in d USA. B diligent. Move out and work hard. Divorcing ur wife is not d best option even d bible frowns at it. Thank u. Wish u all d best. Ur testimony is d next.

  8. The best thing for you is to leave that marriage,if you die do you think that your wife will even cry for you, woke up man,if you stay in that you marriage,you are going to die young believe it or you leave it,you have a great potential,this year is your year,God will lift you more higher than your wife parents,but please move out from that environment now,go out there your blessing is waiting for you…..God bless as you listen to this advice.

  9. All these comments about staying and praying for your wife are surprising to me o, does that woman and her family ever pray for the man to be able to stand on his own, is that wife faithful to him, she and her family just wanted a man she can attach her name to, that’s the simple harsh truth here. Bros, in as much as I can’t understand how you could have stayed in suc a situation for 5 years and also have 2 kids with a woman who probably allowed you sex just for procreation, I will advise you to leave that prison you ck home and strike out on your own, God always has a way of vindicating people in situations such as yours, leave, strive on your own, make money and then go get your kids, don’t worry, they will be taken care of. No sex for 9 months and you haven’t cheated on her, you are one in a million. Keep the faith and hope live brother, it is well with you.

  10. Bros, you fall hand sha, you married your wife while you were working, but she pays all the bills? For 5 years? Where you not eating before you married her? Guy wake up, your kids are in safe hands, get out if the house and make something out of your life. I don’t blame your wife, what I see here is a man who has had a great opportunity but hasn’t taken advantage of it. Get a job, trade, do a business, when you show some serious effort, help will come. Pray!

  11. You are a golddiger as your wife parents said. Other wise you would have walkout of the mariage to fend for yourself. Afterall your children are in good and safe hands. If you are serious and not after another person fortune go and set up your own family.

  12. I think people advicing you to leave your marriage and that your children are in safe hands is just wrong. She will then have the upper hand of turning your kids against you. They will feel you are definitely irresponsible and you abandoned them. if you were a lady, i dont think these same persons would advice you to do the same.
    The truth is; you have to work on yourself. Look at Christ and how he loves the church unconditionally, even when we treat him like he never sacrificed his all for us or loved us. We come to him only when we need him and treat him like an ATM. We “cheat” on him every day, yet he never abandons us nor stop loving us. When you come to see your wife through his eyes, he will give you the grace to love her unconditionally too. Turn to Christ and find something doing with your hands if you havent. Make whatever contributions that you can. Dont forget to pray for yourself and for your wife. God holds even the heart of a king in his hands and turns it wherever he wills.


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