Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Give Thanks!….A Beautiful Poem By Oyindamola Adefunke

Give thanks!
When will you stop grumbling
Yeah,life seems to be crumbling
But does that define you?
Lighten up your mood with blue!
Have you forgotten the eternal things
Either you’re youths or teens
It really doesn’t matter
Either you’re Mary or Martha
Your inheritance are still intact
Think about them and react
Eternal salvation, eternal redemption
All given to you with no commission
Yours freely, indeed it’s free!
Give thanks and let your sorrows flee!
© Oyindamola Adefunke
Photo Credit: Kulikulifoods

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Oyindamola Adefunke
Oyindamola Adefunke has a penchant for medicine, writing has carved a niche for itself in her heart, a place which has been made sacred till death crawls in to take her breath. She is still in pursuit of a medical degree. She enjoys travelling, singing, listening to music mostly R n B and writing. She has written a number of write-ups including articles and poems both in her indigenous language and the white man's language of utter supremacy. She chants eulogies and has a flair for spoken word poetry.


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