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Girls & Valentine Drama- Is This Another Test For My Love?

Good day,

I am a young man of 27 years. I have been dating this girl for like 4 months and I really like her. She is someone I see me settling down with in the future. By this time last year I was in another relationship but it ended badly and I was hurt.

That is why I need advice. Last year,I was with a lady and it was around valentine and I told her that I do not celebrate valentine cos of my religious beliefs. I told her that I don’t believe in celebrating someone you love just one day in a year.

So,valentine came and I did nothing. She broke up with me that night of valentine’s day. She said its not about the gift buying on valentine’s day but the fact that I choose not to celebrate lovers day. She complained that all her friends got gifts except her. That she does not think I will be romantic if we got married..

She was referring to a fear that I may not be a romantic type of guy. I am romantic,I try to be but she did not get it. When she left,I was heartbroken for a while. Until this my current girlfriend came along.

Another valentine is coming. I do not want to loose my current girl. Even though I do not believe in celebrating valentine,should I just buy her gifts on that day so she wont think I am unromantic ?

She is already giving me hints about her expectation from me for Valentine…Please advise me… what should I do?




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  1. Hi,

    Whether you believe in valentine or not , you can treat it as a normal day where you take your current lady out and give her a gift ( it does not need to break the bank) , you can repeat same gesture in 5 weeks time or so like another day.

    All the best

  2. Talk to her. You guys should communicate. Ask her what she thinks about Valentine, if she likes to spend Valentine or not. Whatever she tells you, work with it. If she wants to celebrate it, do it for her. But do it based on what you can afford.
    If she likes her man giving her gifts on Valentine’s day, then give her a gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just something within your financial capacity that you know she will love.
    Relationship isn’t always about your needs and what you want. You have to put her needs and what she wants into consideration as well. So if she likes to celebrate Valentine, then celebrate it with her even though you don’t celebrate it, just do it for her, to make her happy. If your girl is happy, you will be happy as well.

  3. Hello Kinston,

    I think the best thing is to have a conversation with your girl. Find out what she thinks about valentine.

    And if its a big deal for her,you can take her out and spoil her a day before or after valentine so she does not feel left out on valentine’s day.

    Just be sensitive ok…do not allow your beliefs make you blind to the needs of your partner except you find yourself with someone who also does not believe in valentine.



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