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Proposing To A Lady In Her 30s Is Not Engagement But A Rescue Mission

It is a widely known fact that 21st century women love the idea of marriage and recently, some men are of the opinion that they are actually doing the ladies a favour

Furious Wife: My Husband Is Happier About Football Than Our Marriage

Lottie’s husband, Fabio, was watching the Champions League quarter final between Real Madrid and Juventus when he got very emotional.

Yoruba guy says his aunty told him not to bring home an Igbo girl

Yoruba guy says his aunty told him not to bring home an Igbo girl

Cheap, Fun & Hilarious Transport To Use On Your Wedding Day

No money? No problems!Here are various funny and exciting but cheap ways to transport on your wedding. This will make your wedding day so memorable! 

Father Crashes Daughter’s Proposal With “Say No” Sign

We’re talking about the moment Allison’s dad, who was standing off in the distance, held a sign instructing his daughter to “Say no.”

Amazing World Record: Meet the world’s tallest married couple

Sun Mingming also holds the record for the tallest basketball player (current) at 236.17 cm (7 ft 8.98 in) when measured in Beijing, China, on 14 November 2013. He plays for the Heilongjiang provincial men’s basketball team.

This man’s definition of a ‘good wife’ has landed him in trouble

 “A good wife is someone that bought a land and build a house with her own money, but use his husband name on the c of ownership.”

Man looking for a life partner; says he will give her iPhoneX & Car…

A Nigerian man from Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra, Nigeria identified as Ojeligbo Onyeka Ayika is looking for a life partner on Facebook and he promised to give out an iPhoneX and Corolla car as wedding gifts to the lucky bride.

Retired Nigerian-American widower places advert to find a wife

Retired Nigerian-American widower places advert on newspaper to find a wife

Beverly Osu Shares Interesting Experience She Had With a Married Man

The actress shared how the elderly kept complimenting her for her beauty, politeness and all, until he finally dropped the bombshell she never experred.(lol)

Woman ends 40-day marriage over Husband’s refusal to buy shawarma

The report also reveals that the couple had been married for only forty days when argument about her husband's stinginess arose.

LOLZZZ..“I attended a Yoruba wedding alone and I regretted it”

Can you guys actually believe, there was still small chops served to people; and I think there must have been asun too, because as at the time I and my sunken, shattered, bleeding heart, dry mouth and empty stomach were leaving that wedding, I saw them preparing something that looked like the end product would be asun.

Woman caught cheating, then she quickly pretends she’s a s*x doll

The guy responds: “It’s a bleeping s*x doll” He goes the full way, too, even producing a receipt that he claims proves his purchase of the s*x doll.

“No One Should Engage Me With N20k Ring, – Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian Lady is currently on fire on social media after she tweeted that she’s not so cheap, that she’d allow some guy propose to her with a N20,000 ring.

Joro Olumofin lists 27 qualities of a husband material

Just a few days after he released a lit detailing the qualities of a wife material, relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has released a list one must posses to be called a “husband material”.

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