Sunday, August 2, 2020
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Man Kneels To Propose In Public But Forgot The Ring -LOLs

he decided to propose to her and even show the world how serious he is by doing so in a public place but unfortunately for him, he forgot the ring he was going to use.

The New Wife Material Criteria -Young Lady Looking For Husband Writes

Ella portrays her prospects in photos she shared of herself harvesting cassava in the farm to show that she is a real wife material.

20-Year-Old Nigerian Lady Is In Search Of A Husband

Please I am looking for a husband material. I’m 5’7. Age, 20. Half graduate (dem never give kpali). I love cooking. I’m part Tom boy. I’m very interesting. I don’t give wahala. Please Rt, he is on your TL

Lady Marries Herself In A Beautiful Wedding In Front Of 30 Guests

‘My father wrote my wedding speech when I turned 16. Every birthday my mother prayed for me and in recent years this has included a plea for a good husband.

Mother Gives Single Daughter Ultimatum To Get Married Else…

Toyosi,  pictured below, has gone on twitter to seek help as her mum has mandated her to introduce her to her boyfriend by December.

Girlfriend Earns N60k, Bought An iPhone of N400k” – Boyfriend Laments

the story of a young lady who earns a paltry sum of N60,000 per month but was able to cough out a whopping sum of N400,000 to buy an iPhone. Her boyfriend is beginning to think about about leaving the relationship due to her high-spending nature.

I Was Jazzed By This Woman- Man Set To Wed Claims

It wasn’t long before peeps started asking if we had been dating before we came to camp, we would just laugh it off, we practically did everything together, wherever you see Ruona I wasn’t more than 10mtrs away (no jokes…she jazzed me) lol

Return To Your Mother’s House If You Are Not A Virgin-Man Declares!

According to Tayo, women who lost their virginity before meeting their husband should go back to their parents house.

Hilarious! Wife Material Calculator!Ladies,Calculate Your Total Score!

Relationship expert/love doctor, Joro Olumofin has shared a “wife material chart” online to enable ladies calculate their total score and re-evaluate themselves

Man Marries Tall Bride Who Turned Him Down Years Ago For Being Short

According to him, he approached and requested that she danced with him, but she refused saying she doesn’t dance with short people.

I Named My Child Facebook Cos I Met My Wife On Facebook

According to him, he named his son, after the Facebook Founder, because he met his wife on Facebook. He also revealed he has benefited a lot from Facebook.

There’s A Scientific Reason Why Men Never Admit They’re Wrong

The study goes on to say that a lot of the male perspective when it comes to right and wrong has a lot to do with confidence because, duh.

Lady Lists Qualities For A Husband : Must Be 1st Class Graduate

This is me saying what I will have and not about anyone. Trust me, I have qualities mentioned there.

Proposing To A Lady In Her 30s Is Not Engagement But A Rescue Mission

It is a widely known fact that 21st century women love the idea of marriage and recently, some men are of the opinion that they are actually doing the ladies a favour

Furious Wife: My Husband Is Happier About Football Than Our Marriage

Lottie’s husband, Fabio, was watching the Champions League quarter final between Real Madrid and Juventus when he got very emotional.

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