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Flirting: The Game Of Mixed Signals – From The Male Room

My friends and I often talk about the attitude of those women who simply lack the ability, skill or savvy to respond graciously and intelligently to a man’s approach, when they are obviously out on the scene for the express purpose of snagging male attention.

Unanimously, we came to the conclusion that the average woman has no idea on how to respond to a man in a social situation, and is totally clueless when the one she’s been dying to meet comes over to get better acquainted

On more than one occasion, I’ve had an attractive woman flirt openly with me from across a crowded room, and when I got over there, she acted as if I was intruding. Recently, while out at a sports bar one evening with a group of friends, a beautiful woman across the bar began staring at me so boldly and provocatively that it became disruptive to my male cool.

She was so fine that I felt compelled to stop watching the game and go over in response to her body signals. However, when I got there and introduced myself, she became aloof and non-communicative as if she couldn’t imagine why I was there.

She stared straight ahead without ever looking at me and grunted a response as if she were pre-occupied with her drink. When I attempted to plod through the cold cloud that seemed to have suddenly come upon her, by asking if she were alone, she snapped as if insulted and replied very curtly, “Why? Do I look alone?”

I shrunk back in a confused state and walked away wondering if perhaps I had misinterpreted her “come on.”  But when I returned to the group and told of my experience, no one was surprised. However, they all assured me in a compassionate tone that her eye play had been directed toward me. After I regrouped, I thought of all the experiences I’d had with women in the past whose actions belied their true feelings.

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I’ve had a number of women whom I’ve ended up dating, act as if they weren’t interested at first and later admit they were all along, and that they were just “shy”.  Hence, I’ve come to the conclusion that these women are afraid of appearing as if they’re looking hungry, or too easy, and then because most have never attended a charm school, they are perplexed as to what to say when a man approaches them.

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I’m currently dating a woman who was so aloof when I first met her, that I was shocked when she admitted that she had been admiring me long before I ever spoke to her. She explained her cool behavior as embarrassment, because she thought that I had caught her looking at me.  Therefore, in the interest of female enlightenment, I took a poll among my most learned brothers on how they read a woman’s behavior in a social setting.  Here are the results:

Aloof behavior says:  “I’ve had some hard times with men, and I’m afraid of them.”

It’s been awhile since I’ve been with a man, and I don’t really know what to say or how to act.”

“I’ve been hurt and I’m afraid of being hurt again.”

“He’s too good-looking to want me, so he must be just looking for a good time.”

“If I act too friendly, he’ll think he can take advantage of me,”

“I don’t want to appear like I have no one, and that’s why I’m out here.”

“I don’t know how to respond to attention from a man because I’m not accustomed to it.”

“He couldn’t want me, I’m not pretty enough.”

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