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Finding Mr Right!

Dear Lively Stones,

Please tell me, what will a lady do to find Mr Right….. I have done everything,from being a good girl, to being a good Christian, to being a gainfully employed to being friendly and nice. All the people who come to me are either married men or unmarried men who want to sleep with me. The last guy I dated, I broke up with last month because he is cheating on me. His excuse is that I refused to have s*x with him and he has needs as a man. I am 38 years old. I never planned or imagined I would be single at this age. Or is it God’s will for me to be single? I have heard that not everyone must marry. But I would like to marry. How will I know if it’s is God’s will for me not to marry. Will God tell me or will he show me a sign or will he send a prophet. I need Some answers. Kindly share . I want to know what people think MA.

From Joan,Lagos.

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  1. As a Christian, you have your rights in Christ. God’s will for your life is in his word. If you study his word diligently you will find answer to the question you asked. However, I will admonish you to keep yourself. The God sent man that will value and cherish you will show up soon my sister. God is never late.

  2. God is never limited to and by anything, when it hurts please don’t blame him..thats when you should get closer to him and not just because you need a solution, with your spiritual background you would understand better. Also the men will still come looking for different things..some negative and positive, some indecisive…but none should let you loose guard, maintain the good standards you have imbibed, no one is a fool for faith!. I know a man (a pastor) who prayed for the type of wife he wants after writing down the qualities he wanted in a paper and prayed with that guide, today he’s currently living happily married to this is a priceless expo..pray the word!. And don’t stop being the good, principled person you would like to meet.

    • True talk…most people just wake and suddenly realize they want to get married! Please marriage is important to those who want to get into it. so, the earlier you start praying for the type of man/woman you desire the better…

  3. Well, my dear . when it comes to marriage, you need a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit to make a decision. Your pastor cannot make a decision for you rather they can only you. First of all, establish a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. Then be the Mrs RIGHT and put your gaze on Jesus Christ.


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