How I fell in love at 26 – Omotola Ekeinde’s husband Reveals

This time, I saw her as a wife material. So, immediately she walked in, I said happy birthday, sorry I’m just giving you your gift one week after, but I also want to tell you, I want to marry you

Bishop Umoh ‘Okon Lagos’ dedicates child in church

Nollywood actor, Bishop Umoh a.k.a Okon Lagos, who welcomed his second child in November 2017, dedicated his daughter today in church. Friends, loved ones and family turned up for the event, which had Bishop Umoh and his wife showing off their best look.

Linda & Laura Ikeji’s Parents Celebrate 39th marriage anniversary

lovely pictures and a video from the 75th birthday celebration of the man who gave birth to popular blogger, Linda Ikeji and fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji. He also spent the day celebrating 39 years in marriage with his wife.

Why Everry Marriage Needs A Mentor: Benefits Of Marriage Mentoring

We’d like to say it’s our non-negotiable commitment to each other, or that we’re extremely smart, but what life has taught us is – there’s rarely an absolute or definitive answer to anything.

Ogbonna Kanu cuts his hair for his wife, Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji’s husband, Ogbonna Kanu whose signature look before now includes a braided hair, has ditched it for a new look which he says is a birthday gift to his wife.

Dear Men,Sometimes Its Okay Not To Man Up…Just Open Up

See, men like me don’t do that kind of stuff. It is like it is not in our DNA to express emotion. Think about it, as little boys, we were always being told to ‘Man up’, ‘Toughen up’, ‘Boys don’t cry’.

New Adorable Photos Of Paul Okoye’s Twins As They Go Swimming.

Paul Okoye, has taken some time off the studio work, and has dedicated time to spend some quality tie with his new born twins, who are really growing fast.

Yes, Your Kids Want to Learn About S.x From You (Not the Internet)

I find if parents have a tough time talking to their partners about sex, then having a discussion with their kids can be equally if not more challenging.

Mother of one, forced to sleep outside a bank for not having a male...

The husband sent his wife and his 10-year old daughter out of his house, saying it’s her fault that she has been unable to bear him a son and brought in a new wife.

How To Manage Money And Avoid Financial Problems In Marriage

By doing this, you always have a buffer in your savings account for those times when the earners are not bringing in as much as before, like if the husband or wife loses their job or side gig.

One Major Habit That Happy Couples Display Every Day

“We wonder why the other person isn’t laughing, what’s wrong with them, or maybe what’s wrong with us, and what might that mean for our relationship”.

The Husband’s Spiritual Role : What Every Woman Wants!

Being an initiator is doable no matter where a man is on his spiritual journey. It’s measurable, achievable, and a win for his marriage, his family, and especially his relationship with Jesus.

Why Wives Always Bring Up The Past When Dealing With Argument

In this video,shot at the platform's quarterly hangout,the gents want to know why ladies always bring up the past when dealing with a present disagreement

Lively Stones Family Hangout: Happening In A Few Hours Today…

Today is the Day for Our February family day Hang Out. This is for all for all members of the family. Dads,Moms,Kids,Single,Engaged,Divorced,Widowed,etc.

I Will Never Be Able To Find Love Because Of My Mother

My mother remarried a useless man. Johnbull was a drunk taxi Driver. Him and his friends frequented my mom's pepper soup joint and drank their sorrows away. 

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