Exhausted & Desperate Wife Plots To Stop Husband’s Infidelity


Hi Admin,

Dr. Alake (not real name) has been our family doctor for more than nine years. He is the one that usually administers various tests for any domestic staff coming to work for us. and usually,the tests are very comprehensive. They range from HIV,to Tuberculosis to Hepatitis,etc. This time around,he called me and informed me that the young lady that I was just about to employ as a caregiver was Hepatitis B positive!

I listened on the other end of the phone as he told me the risks of the disease and he advised me not to employ the girl. But my mind was thinking about something else and that is what I am about to share to you all this morning. Please admin,hide my name. I have been married for 9 years now. For the first four years,I tried to get pregnant in vain but God heard my prayer and I had my first twins four years later. I had another set of twins,two years later. In five years,God blessed me with four children.


Before our children came,my husband and I started having problems. I think the delay in child bearing made him to start looking outside and he started to cheat on me. I suffered and cried many nights. I was in depression until God answered my prayers with my first twins. People encouraged me that the children will stop him from cheating,and it did…just for a year or so. I noticed he started messing around with the caregivers I employed to help out with the children.

I started to develop high blood pressure because of this. My family advised me to ignore him and focus on my children and my job. I could not quit my job as I was the one with the better paying job and I was responsible for most of the bills in the home. I can say for every care giver I had,young girls or women,my husband had s*x with them. I finally decided to let him be and live my life. I tried to warn him and beg him …he would just keep denying or pretending.

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As a mother of four children,my focus now is to raise my children well and keep my job so I can provide for my children.

So when the test results for this new help came,a thought came to me. The thought was to use her to set my husband up. I am going to employ her and if my husband sleeps with her,he would get infected by this deadly Hepatitis B.Thankfully,the disease is curable but it takes like nine months for the disease to clear from the system of the carrier. So,my plan is to let this girl work for me for like a month,as soon as my husband sleeps with her,I will then fire her and let him know that she is infected.

Well,this plan may seem evil to some people,but I think this might actually be a wake up call to my husband if he loves his life. I am not bothered about this girl infecting others in my home as her job would be strictly to clean and not care for the children. I will make sure she sleeps with my husband because this is my only chance at making him to stop fooling around. I cannot stop having care givers for now,my children are between the ages of two years and eight months….I need all the help I can get.

Admin,post this story on the platform. I am also doing this on behalf of other women passing through the same thing as me. I want other women to learn from this. When your man is cheating after you have given him children,you work to put food on the table and all he does is make you develop high BP…then,that man deserves to be taught a lesson like this.

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I am also waiting for those who will advise me to pray for him ..that God will change him…maybe this God’s way of answering that prayer and God wants to cahnge him abi?…if you disagree,drop your comment in the comments section below..I will read it and comment myself.

Thank you all for taking your time to read this…


From An Exhausted Mother & Wife


Photo Credit:Vanity Fair

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  1. Hello Madam,

    Hmmm…what can I say to change your mind about your plans?

    I know how pained or frustrated you are…I know how it must feel when you think about the hurt and disappointment

    My only question to you would be….10 years from now,would you e proud of this decision that you took? Would your children be pleased with this decision? Would God be pleased? What if the plan fails and your husband never gets cured?Would you be able to forgive yourself?

    Karma is the real deal…let your husband be…let him do what he likes…if he wants to keep fooling around…let him be….time will tell..

    Focus on yourself,your job and your children…you chose to stay in that marriage remember….if you want to remain,then focus on being happy instead of plotting a revenge…revenge never ends well.

    God vengeance is mine!

    My prayer is that one day,your husband gets the help that he needs and turns his life around…until then,dont do anything that will hurt him or you or your children…life is more important and the future holds a better experience for you.

    I wish you well.

  2. Vengeance is mine, says God Almighty. If u carry out that decision then I will say u ‘re standing in the position of The Most High. What will He(God) do then if u carry out that? God is everly a patient God. Let him be. Let him do whatever pleases. When God will arrest him, it will take the simplest matter of them all.

    Focus on the kids and your job, thank God for the provision HE gave u. God turns the captivity of Zion around so, yours is not an exception.

    Thank u.


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