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Emotional Affair Series:How My Engaged Friend Lost Everything!

Hello everyone,

Still on the issue of emotional affairs (click here  and here if you missed the other stories on emotional affairs). This is another story sent by one of our whatsapp members. If you once had an emotional affair,please share with us. Send your story to us and tell us If you also got out of the affair and how you were able to mend your relationship if you did or not,please send us an email or message on whatsapp ( or +234 8029 8703 09). We would love to read from you and hopeful help more people learn from your experience.



Good afternoon ma.

It breaks my heart to write this story to you ma. I’m sharing this painful 😭story as regards to people being emotionally attached to someone other than their spouse. Sadly, This is my friend’s experience please keep me anonymous.

Cindy (not real name) and I were close friends. We were in year 2 when she met a photographer who was supposed to shoot her birthday photos. The guy was cute, neat and in his final year. I too had a crush on him but he kind of got entangled with Cindy after the birthday photo shoot.

When I asked Cindy If they were dating she said they were besties and nothing else, I just had to let her be. Fast forward to Xmas that year, Cindy met a guy in her hometown who came back from US and was looking for a wife, before I could blink and open my eyes Cindy was getting married and she was all excited.

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I was happy for her. After her TM the guy went back to the US leaving Cindy all alone. Back to school, Cindy was still friends with this photographer. Let’s call him Joe.

He was always calling her checking on her, they hung out every evening, he was doing clearance so he had all the time in his hands. He bought her fruits on Sundays and tells her how beautiful she looks on any picture she takes.

I told her to watch it with Joe but she was already excited with all the attention she was getting from him.

One day Cindy came home crying, I asked her what went wrong and she told me that Joe was moving on, he just found himself a girlfriend since he couldn’t date her. What else was she expecting from him? But Cindy wouldn’t have it, she was already in love and emotionally tied to the guy.

She went as far as fighting the new girl in her hostel warning her to stay away from her bestie. She came back with some bruises on her shoulder, that was the most insane thing to do as a married woman but she wouldn’t have me remind her that she was married.

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Her husband provided for her needs and her family’s needs, calls her once in a while but he was trying. No one forced her to marry a guy who wouldn’t be around for the meantime right?

I watched her call Joe non stop begging him to come back to her ,, sending him messages and went as far as promising him that she would leave her husband for him. I couldn’t recognize my Friend anymore.

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She couldn’t focus on her studies anymore. For a while she stopped telling me what she was doing, where she went and whose place she stayed the night. I was scared for her I had to call her mum to tell her what’s going on. Her mum panicked, she started calling her daughter but she was picking up her calls.

I called too but Cindy wouldn’t pick. Long story cut short, I received a call from another friend of ours, Cindy had an abortion for Joe and she was excessively bleeding. She was staying at our friend’s place and didn’t want anyone to know especially me because she knew how I would react.

She was calling me because she was scared Cindy was going to die on her, that was how we took her to the hospital, her mum footed the bill and somehow Cindy’s husband got a wind of what was going on and I don’t know how…

He cut off ties with her and promised to return her bride price when he comes home the next Xmas. Cindy’s mum threw her out of the house when she fully recovered. She dropped out of school due to depression and frustration.

It was very painful and heartbreaking how a beautiful young smart lady ended up that way. Joe has pursued his career in photography big time in Lagos but Cindy is nowhere to be found. She cut off ties with everyone. How mere feelings and emotions could ruin someone’s life😢.


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