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Don’t Fake Anything in Relationship & Marriage Says Godwin Ogwuche

We live in a world where people want to be perceived in a way that is totally at variance with who they truly are in the real sense.  Today, we have become more artificial and unreal than ever before.  Everyone wants to be known to have made it big; we want to be perceived as famous and someone of renown.  This motivation to be rich and famous overnight and the perception that we have for others to know that of us is the reason we do many unsavory stuff.

People have always brought this idea to the field of relationship and marriage where they want their partners to believe that they are what they are not.  The most important relationship in life for anyone is the one with the person type want to marry or the one who they are married to.  To be a fake to such a person for some temporal gains is the most despicable life you might want to live.

Let us examine the implications of not being real as a person in the first instance before we look what it portends for your relationship and marriage.  Any time you present a picture to the world about yourself which is not real, you loss the opportunity of getting help from those who should bring you into the concept of you which was or should be originally desirable.

You may not have a particular type of car, but because you want to fit into the mold of being the owner of such a car by renting one or posing with a friend’s in the name of the vehicle being your own, you stand the risk of explaining to those whom you have presented that picture to for a long time when the vehicle owner takes it back.  You will continue to look for other immoral ways of justifying the absence of the vehicle.  That is a very unsettled way of living.

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The above example is just one of many ways you shoot yourself in the foot when you present a fake picture of yourself to others.  Let us bring in the relationship and marriage situation at this point.  The relationship and marriage realm should be a place where you exhibit the highest level of integrity, transparency and trust.

If you can deceive someone you are married to or present a fake version of yourself, then you cannot be trusted in any other realm.  Many homes have been ruined over time because one of the partners or both of them lived lives that were totally at variance with who they really are.

If you want someone to marry you, it is assumed that your motivation is love and that you seek the good and the best for that person.  If you lie to them so that on the basis of that they make a decision to marry you, it is simply a set-up for a near future disaster for you and that relationship.

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This can be instigated by either the male or female partner.   Don’t make someone marry a lie; it is a sign of hate and not love for that person.  It might give you a temporal feeling of self-fulfillment and achievement, but because it is built on a foundation of deceit, it produces no lasting results.

People lie and fake their personalities mostly on account of the notion that if they don’t present a perfect picture of someone who has attained a certain height in society, a lady or guy may not find them attractive.  Much as I agree that such people who go for a certain category of people exists, you shouldn’t fall for such unrealistic people by making yourself of the same company by playing the fool by presenting an idea of who you are not.

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Life isn’t all about the ideas that most people propound as the real deal.  Most of these people have no rest in their inner souls; they are constantly troubled because they know the kind of life they lead isn’t real.  In the recesses of their souls, they desire to be real but because they live for the applause and accolades of others, they are bound and not free.

Live free; be yourself and enjoy true freedom by ensuring that you do not take leave of your true life address by taking residence in another place so you may be perceived as a big boy or girl.  If you work hard, keep your focus right and do the right things, you will become rich and famous without it really being a big deal for you.

Don’t deceive anyone in a relationship or marriage situation in a bid to win them over to you.  The embarrassment of being caught is almost difficult to wipe away.  You loss not just the relationship or marriage; you loss your self worth and more.

In spite of this counsel, there are people who will continue to be fake.  I cannot help to save you from yourself if you are not willing to be saved.


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