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Does Religion Matter When We Both Love Each Other?

Good day ma,

I’m in love with someone… We both are in love though but my only problem is the religion aspect….. He’s a Muslim and I’m a Christian.

Frankly speaking, he’s got all the qualities I need in a man…Though to him, he doesn’t see religion as a barrier… He is even willing to convert to be a Christian.

We are both in same level in the same university but different department though….
He’s 25 and I’m 20.His plan is for us to get married.

But I don’t know what to do at this stage… I need your advice ma’am

  • Is it wrong to be in a relationship with our relationship difference?
  • Is it possible for him to truly convert?


I’m perplexed😔


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  1. Hello dear,

    I have to be completely honest with you:religion is a big deal for any relationship or marriage to work.

    Do not be carried away with love: love is not enough to sustain any marriage.

    Life is spiritual,you cannot live as if it is not. If you must marry and he does not mind converting,its ok.

    But I see you are both very young…what if he changes his mind later on?

    What about his family?….will they be ok with him converting?

    My advice: let him make up his mind: if he wants to be born again,its easy…its living consisting as a born again christian that matters….

    That will take time as you have to observe his faith a little while…..some men have been known to convert just to win a lady….someone I know did it one time (converted to Christianity for a girl he married)…but that is not to say it will be the same every time.

    Be careful ..the person you marry can determine your eternal destiny….think about this very well. Is this what you truly want? Is he truly sincere?

    Answer these many questions first before you do anything further.

    God bless you.

  2. My pastor will always say that “love will bring two people together, but their values will tear them apart”.

    Whether you admit it or not, our religion defines our values, it shapes our lives and principles. So therefore my dear, Religion is a very big deal when it comes to marriage.
    Even the Bible tells us that two cannot work together if they don’t agree.
    As a Christian, the Bible tells us not to be unequally yoke with unbelievers.

    The truth is that, your boyfriend is a Muslim and has been a Muslim since he was born, meaning his values, ideas and principles has been shaped based on Islamic religion and that is not something you or he can just change over night.

    As for him converting, he should do it because he was convicted by the Holy Spirit or he is converting because he loves Jesus and believes in Jesus. If he is only converting because he loves you and because he wants to be with you, then trust me it won’t last. It will only be a sham which he will not be able to keep up with for a long time.

    So my dear, I will advise you don’t go ahead with that relationship. But if you choose to go ahead with it, then you have to pray that his conversion will be real and a sincere one.

    Also look out for his values, principles and ideologies because that is what you will live with if you end up marrying him. Be sure you both have the same values, principles and ideologies, otherwise you will have a very painful marriage.

  3. Well, nice question there but, I don’t really think that religion can be a barrier to marrying your true love. The fact is, your religion should not encroach in your love.
    In one of my post I gave an example of a couple who has been married for the past 50 years, they said “we didn’t let religion encroach into our love” and that’s what we should bear in mind.
    Finally, there is nothing impossible in life.If you are determined, you can live with your true love.Whether you both are of the same religion or not.


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