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Do You Believe In Spirit Husbands: How Do I Divorce Him?


I am a bit reluctant to share my story but I need advise. I want to know what people think on this matter. I am a 36 year old. I live and work in Abuja. I have a good job and good car. I am doing well for myself.

The only strange thing is, I have never had a boyfriend or relationship in my 36 years of being alive. Strange yes?. Well, I do not know why but people say I am beautiful. Many men admire me,compliment me,flirt with me but never ask me to be their girl.

This has really bothered me and my friends and family. They have tried to match make me with some men but it does not get beyond first date. I am even told I am too pretty because I am light skinned.

My grand mother says that I have a spirit husband. My mother never married. She had me for a boy who denied her. We all joked and laughed at my grandmother when she said it years ago before she died but right now,I feel like she is right. I am tired. I feel lonely and I don’t know what I can if I truly have a spirit husband.

Do Spirit husbands exist?…. I want to get married someday. How will that be when I have not been in any relationship? My mother is late. My aunt said we should go to C& S for prayers but I go to church where we don’t believe in such. Should I give it a try anyway?

I want to know anyone who has been in my situation before,how did they handle it.

Please advise me.


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  1. Hello,

    Relationships and spirituality…hmmm

    My take, if you are a born again child of God,then you need to know that who God has made free is free indeed.

    Are there spiritual influences on human beings?…oh yes…there are. But knowing who you are in Christ and what God has done for you can break those influences.

    So if you believe a spiritual husband is responsible for your situation, then learn the word of God for yourself and break free from such influences.

    As for going to get help from any spiritual organization,again…its your faith that will make the difference…your belief in God….if you do not have faith….all manner of prayers can be made for you and you remain the same.

    As for never being in a relationship, I think you need some emotional intelligence training course. Do you know yourself well enough? Are there attributes that you display that repel people from you…are you seen as unapproachable or unfriendly?

    Do you keep an open minded personality?….how is your self confidence and esteem?…can you be comfortable in your own skin?

    Do you think you are TOO PRETTY…is that getting into your head?

    Do some self evaluation….work on yourself….be humble and friendly and prayerful…36 is not too late…

    You will find the right kind of love…just be ready when it comes.

    God bless.

  2. spirit husband…have you come across it in the bible? Jesus said to his disciples, “take heed what you hear…and how you hear” that’s been the undoing of many believers. Your grandma sowed the seed…now you have believed it. What you believe is very important sis pls pay attention to Mrs Jzhane whatever she ask you to do, do it.

    Jesus has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness, they can never have dominion over you except you give them a chance. How? By your belief system. If you believe in spirit husband, he will manifest himself right away cuz you have opened the door through your belief & before long, you will start saying you have a spirit husband that’s why you are not married or no man is seeing you.

    Stop thinking the reason you ain’t seeing any man come for you is cuz of spirit husband.. delete that from your memory. Haven’t you read?

    “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..”(Ps 139:14 KJV)
    This statement should not depart out thy mouth.. say it until it gains the ascendency over your spirit.

    Be blessed in Jesus name.

  3. I think this lady should work on her mind first.
    The words of her grandmother could also be the access for demonic attacked and repelling force. I might be wrong. It Could also be something entirely different.
    However, the word of God teaches that if anyone be in Christ he is a new creature.
    She can said boldly declare to herself from today every evil is gone, I am a child of the living God.
    Knowledge and revelation has come to me now. I refuse to be oppress by the devil and mean it with all your heart and all your might. Such that you start rejoicing…
    Let that joy of liberation fill your heart as you look forward (filled with expectations)to a beautiful relationship that will end in the altar before this time next year and it will be in Jesus mighty name. amen.
    I am Looking for to your testimonies


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